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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 What do you think of this? More badassedness from the wonder-walrus...seriously dig it, though I think 22 Dreams is close to the best thing he has ever done. And I still listen to Cost of Loving sometimes...so I might not exactly be impartial. One thing for sure, it leaves me wanting to hear more in a good way. Did you read that Bruce Foxton is on the new album? I hear they do a freakish version of...
Matt Deighton - A Part of You Life Paul Weller - 7&3 Is the Striker's Name dinosaur jr - farm
Shiva Blast! LMFAO!
I'd totally tune in to see him chop up Oliver or Scrappy Doo...is that the season finale? Awesome!
7 & 3 is the Striker's Name - Paul Weller Malinye - Jim Pepper
Scumbag Blues, best track so far
I have a general rule that I will not see anyone movie that has a dude jumping sprawled into the air while thrusting some sort of sharpened weapon...always looked retarded, always will. Did they remake Dragonslayer yet?
Yeah I saw the second episode first, it was way funnier than the first one....
I can dig on Nespresso...though I was staying at a friends house with one and I drank WAY too much espresso that way.... RJ...spend some money on a grinder. Grinding beans on some random grinder at the finest setting means nothing...you have history on when their grinder was cleaned, how worn out it is, or even how fine or corse beans need to be in your machine. I'd suggest looking into the Capresso Infinity burr grinder. Mine was like $80, and it works great for me. Its...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Are there other Gaggia Classic owners here? I'm finding that the only preground coffee I can buy is Illy as everything else isn't ground fine enough. When I buy beans, even grinding them to Turkish coffee fineness isn't enough -- I end up having to regrind and tamp really hard in order for the espresso to brew adequately. Anyone else finding this to be the case? Sounds like a grinder issue. What grinder are...
New Posts  All Forums: