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Quote: Originally Posted by PersonalJesus how did Brad Pitt play that old man in that one movie? same thing. Poorly?
I played the sizing down game before on these...first I had 30s, then 31s...ended up buying 32s from 2nd and they were fine until I did an anti inflamitory / paleo diet and dropped 20 lbs. I think I'll just start saving to get something new. I didn't find the VX stretching THAT much to justify sizing down a lot...then again, I like being able to get shit in and out of my pockets, and bend my knees when walking and stuff
I bought them to fit...no really into the slim thing, so I just wanted some non baggy more traditional jeans with nicer denim. If that makes sense. I could do the intentional loose thing, but I carry to much crap on me for work, weighs them down, so I just end up not wearing them. The real kicker is that its starting to happen with my iron hearts as well...so I need to either start eating junk again or buy some new jeans.
I sized them TTS...which meant they fit pretty spot on, though they are Lot 10s. Now they are probably one size too big, if not 2. I'm torn between selling them and just keeping them incase I decide to eat crap again and gain some weight
Totally bummed...like my 5000VXs, but I dropped at least one waist size and now they fit funny. I've only soaked/washed them 5 or 6 times since buying them...how long do they keep shrinking? I'm wondering if I can get any more shrink out of them.
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What's the waist measurement on those? Not sure if I'm a 30 or 31. Thanks
Just get a VPN service with a US IP for whatever you use. My suggestion at least...
5EP Low Down Boot Resin 30x32 I've had these almost 3 years and have worn them maybe 10 times. I love the denim, but never took to the cut as much as I had hoped I would. These are resin washed, they've been rinsed once by me, though I bought them "used" from another member here. They still have the leather tab, but the red strings were cut. The tab is coming loose. They have a ton of life left, hardly showing any wear. I paid $165 for them, $60 to fund some new...
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