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Bump and drop to $150
I have a great pair of Samurai S5000VX marked Lot 10 that are size 32W. I purchased them from 2nd a while back (5 years or so?). I soaked them and then had them chained stitched at Self Edge in SF to a 32.5" inseam. Since then they've been soaked 5 to 6 times (last being 2 weeks ago when I decided to sell them) but not laundered. They haven't been worn much at all and have quite a lot of indigo left. I wish I had bought a size 33 because I might be able to keep them at...
Yeah, its never been a good show, that's part of the fun of it. Its garbage, a soap opera for dudes. That said, I think Ari's wife is either lying or has a chick. I WISH the house burned down with everyone in it, that would have been great
Tried these on again, way too big now! $40
Dropped to $28
Wow, didn't know Richard Armitage is in
Are the 634s tagged 29?
I have a pair of Levis 501 STF in Knight. They are 33x34. Looking for regular STF in 31x34 or 32x34
Always wearing a concealable vest over street clothes looks silly. I am not sure I can stomach a network it actually worth checking out?
I've got a relatively new pair of Levis STF 501s in Knight. They are 33x34, shrank to around 32x32. They are at least a size too big for me now, so looking to sell them to get a better size. Asking $35 shipped
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