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Does anybody where I can find sizing info ? I everywhere on the Stone Island site and couldn't find anything. EDIT: Nevermind, found it.
Has anybody seen the new Baracuta G9 jackets made by WP Lavori in person ? Even though they're ridiculously expensive, I often contemplate buying one.
I recently bought a pair of Low Straights Once-Washed. I realize that these aren't raw and have been washed but should I expect the waist to stretch out a bit ?
I've been looking at job postings and I agree that CGA is the designation that's most often left out. Most CGAs I know for for government. I'm currently in NB and would rather go west than east. Unfortunately, to work in oil & gas in NB means that you have to go Saint John and that's not a city I'd like to live in. An acquaintance of mine worked for Irving in Saint John for a few years and would travel back home to Moncton every single weekend. I do have some basic...
I'm currently looking at pursuing a professional accounting designation in Canada. I was wondering if there were any any SFers that had either a CA, CGA or CMA title. I'm trying to figure out which title would be best for me (does it really make a difference given the looming CPA unification process ?) and what kind of salary I could expect once finished. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
Are there any major differences between the MIE DM 1460s and Solovair's 8 eye derby boot ? They're both made in Northamtonpshire from what I've read. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Dr. Martens Solovair
any book recommendations on "Traditionnal Skinhead" style ?
Does the Ralph Lauren store on Newbury Street in Boston carry a decent selection of RRL ?
price drop: rachel comey $150 bluchers $120 canoe mocs $80
Rachel Comey Uncle Dan - Size 12 - Purchased at Rooney - Worn twice indoors - $170 shipped Quoddy Blucher - Size 12D - Purchased at South Willard - Worn less than 5 times (mostly indoors) - $140 shipped Quoddy Canoe Moc - Size 12.5D - Purchased at Winn Perry - Worn about 15 times indoors/outdoors - $100 shipped Price includes shipping to North America with tracking number and insurance. PM with any questions. Thanks.
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