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Slim cut. I haven't worn them (bought in fall and didn't fit come spring). No defects. From 2013. Sorry about the poor lighting. Actual color is a true white not an off-white. Asking $49 which includes shipping w/in US.
Price drop to $195 shipped.
UPDATE: SOLD $190 shipped. Only worn inside my apartment for a few minutes for fitting. Slight scuffing on sole but otherwise brand new. This is not a color currently offered by Meermin! It is not the pebble grain currently being sold. I purchased a few months ago. Just decided to order a different size (I am between 8.5 & 9 US). Get this color now; no waiting for them to restock and then ship from Spain. Asking $225 $195 Shipped CONUS. 101341 - LIGHT BROWN CALF Hiro...
Did anyone notice that the "light brown calf" color disappeared from the regular collection in the last week? How often do they change the offered colors??
This is a well described phenomenon:
I mean, i don't need strong prescriptions. I wear glasses all day at work.
Somehow I got the idea that the eye should be in the center of the lens for glasses to look right. (for the optics, if you have strong prescriptions it should be close, but i'm just interesting in the aesthetics here. i just need weak reading glasses). I picked up some frames, and my eyes aren't in the middle. Is that a problem? The only frames significantly smaller are the kids ones.
damn. i bought some pumas in the same style as the classic suede ones for 30$
If you just want some stuff that look kinda cool i'd go to jcrew or urban outfitters.
I think the problem is you have a fat ass and not muscle on your thighs. tight jeans only work if your body shape is good.
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