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No Problem I understand. I have been speaking with brands directly I should have stated that in my original post. I am not coming into this blind. But thanks for the words of encouragement.
Thank you. I joined the forum in 2010. I haven't posted a lot I know but this is the first time I ever suggested of opening a business on this site. If I wanted to join this forum to promote a business I would've done that when I first joined. I even offered to host meetups here in Austin. I have commented on posts trying to help others out. I just find it a little off putting to be met with hostility when I was trying to spark some discussion. I did come here humble but...
It seems like the SFers are not too fond of my venture. HaHa. I'll give you a discount though.
Tough stuff. Thanks for the insight.
I am not looking for a demand. I have been speaking with vendors. People are reading into this way too much. I was just getting a feel for things. Excuse me for reaching out I'll know next time to take my questions and input somewhere else.
Thank you bkstone. I realized I should've done that from the start. But you live and you learn.
I know brands. I was just seeing what brands and goods people would like to see. Maybe this was a mistake to come to a forum and ask for suggestions. I was just asking a simple request I don't need my head bitten off by something that was so simple. Welp, thanks again.
It's not lazy. You're entitled to your own opinion, but I was just reaching out and asking what men would want. It's apart of market research. You can't please everyone. Have a great day.
Hello, I'm creating an online luxury store for men and was wondering what would be some great suggestions on goods to sell? I am open to all suggestions and goods. Thank you. I hope you all are having a great day!
I hope this helps you out.
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