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SOLD These are brand new with the original box and dust bag. I bought these from e-bay but they are too big for me. The box is slightly damaged because the seller did not double box when he shipped them to me. I'm willing to take cash offers or trade for the same sneaker in either black or navy in a size 42. Thanks for looking.
I put shoe trees in my pair after every wear and they haven't noticeably stretched.
Black Topman Albert Boots SIZE US 10 UK 9 EUR 43 PRICE $115 or bid on eBay
Final Price Drop
I'm not sure that I agree that 2-3 months of prepping for the GMAT would equate to 700+ easily. If I remember correctly, the average score the year I took the test was about 570. I don't think 2-3 months of prep would put the average student that far above the average score.
I prepped for about 3 months during my last semester of college (I was only taking 2 classes) because I decided very late that I wanted to give b school a shot. Since I was always pretty good with Math, I concentrated on the Verbal section. I scored in the 89th percentile in verbal and 55th percentile in quant (Overall - 640). I definitely regret not taking out a little more time to study quant.
I noticed no one has mentioned any pre work out supplements. I just bought Super Pump Max. I've only used it two or three times, so i'm not sure what I think about it yet. Anybody else take a pre work out?
Price Drop
Bump, new shirts + price drop
I have a few Brooks Brothers Sport Coats for sale. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking. 1. Brooks Brothers Sport Coat Price: $30 shipped CONUS Size 44L Measurements: Chest (Arm Pit to Arm Pit): 23.5" Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff): 24.5" Shoulder (seam to seam): 19.5" Length (top of collar back to bottom of jacket): 34" 2. Brooks Brothers Sport Coat Price: $30 shipped CONUS Size...
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