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haha oh man didn't think I'd find this....
damn that's a cool jacket
If your definition of success has nothing to do with happiness and other intangibles I think you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Your paradigm for success seems to be far too driven by material desires. Perhaps if you spend more time fostering your personal relationships and especially your happiness, the money will come, and it will become far less important to your own definition of success.If you weren't working in finance, what would you be doing? What are you...
Info on jacket? I really dig it.
I agree, but the facts still DO matter. Nobody has actually written anything substantially contrary to Sullivan's points. Sullivan still did his research and he came out with an interesting perspective that rises above the tea party/fanatical/fox news punditry that's become all too successfully mainstream and accepted, as evidenced by many of the opinions on this thread.
lol sorry I meant opposed not voted. you're an idiot.
lol, calm down my respect for the president and his long-view politics certainly has little to do with Iraq, although he did originally vote against the war (did your candidate do that?) and now—in his first term— we are out. End of story, as far as the war is concerned. edit: anybody see Sullivan talking about this on Hardball tonight?
uhh if us = America, then sure
It's not being snarky, it's being a part of the problem. Naive? Perhaps. But like you said, I'd rather look on the bright side than be a cynical nihilist. Otherwise, how are we going to move the country forward. And after working in national politics for years, I'd say I'm significantly jaded, but it's actually increased my respect for the President.And I can't blame you, sometimes it feels good to be condescending. But again, I honestly ask you what your alternative might...
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