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lol reminds me of this:
LOL You dont give a fuck about what people say? You do realize that you intentionally posted pictures in a thread specifically meant for discussing those very pictures?
You unpack your box at your office, place your stuff in the MP bag, and walk out of the office, bag in hand?
MoP buttons, and they are extremely thick— a really nice detail.
Yes the packing does make the ritual of getting new online swag even grander, but I find the additional giant bags to be a little ridiculous. I briefly mentioned this to customer service over the phone when asking about inventory, and they told me that they know their customers expect only the best when shopping with them. Again, MP customer service is great.
Damn, what's up with the harsh indictment of Ovada gear? I find nothing too offensive about the brand. I own a shirt, and it's a serious piece clothing. I think their collection is pretty remarkable for such a young brand. Is some of their shit potentially trendy? Sure. But generally speaking they provide classic lines for a younger generation that wants a trimmer silhouette. Aint nothin wrong with that.
I'm a 41-42, typical Large and their Large is the best fitting shirt I own. It's pretty tts, and fitted but not anorexic.
I think those cuffs looks pretty good, especially with that corduroy.
haha there's quite a bit of post-processing in this photo– a lot of HSL tweaking and some masked in microcontrast in some areas.
I've put at least 3 coats on my natty cxl over the past month. IMO natural cxl is kind of gross looking when it's fresh. The pitch blend has really turned by natural indys into things of beauty, and they are only 6 weeks old. I'll put some pictures up later.
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