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theres 2 inches to let out— take em to a tailor.
Grabbed french blues and armor lux shirt in manhattan shop today. Great pieces separately, but together they will be unbeatable (especially with snuff chukkas).
Damn that camo is hot. Where can I see the quilted version?
I'm a 34 rivet. Sure they shrink a little, but they also stretch back out. 36 walt could be too big in the waist. I have this problem, which is why I wear 34 rivets and 34 rudys sometimes.
pfurey I dig that.
4 million of that was to the mormon church...http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/utes/53363678-90/romney-tax-church-charity.html.csp
Ring Yarn Blanket Border Field Vest, L Bought this from Reedobandito, but it's definitely too small in the chest, which is a shame because this vest is spectacular. Link/Description from Haven: http://havenshop.ca/collections/white-mountaineering/products/ring-yarn-blanket-border-field-vest Woolen field vest Corduroy yoke and trims Multiple exterior pockets Shawl collar Armpit eyelets for ventilation Snap button fastening Made in Japan Slubby wool texture with great...
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