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Mike — when do Marcello jackets come in?
Oh man - if you can wear any other walt or Rudy trouser- then you can most definitely wear the butterscotch canvas. I just tried them on in store a week ago-- I'm probably getting them soon. It's just a refined twist on a classic, not sure why you have doubts.
Are any of those Marcello jackets in a summer weight?
Some shots from my first time at NYFW a few weeks ago...what a strange scene...
yes, those look great. I'm picking my french blues up from the tailor tomorrow, hoping to have similar results.
Since it seems most people are finding their groove by sizing up in the rivets, us size 34s are left out in the cold, since there is no size 35. Mike— would it be possible to special order 35s in the future? Or will I be forced to become great friends with my tailor?
You got pictures? How much did you let out?
Yeah I'm thinking the fix really wont be too hard. Anybody got a tailor rec in lower manhattan? I usually just take my pants across Orchard street for a 5 minute hem, but not sure I'd do the same for this operation.
I've slowly realized that my new rivets are probably too tight. I got the 34s, but I still think the 36 would have been too big in the waist. I'm definitely interested in hearing about people's experiences getting the waist/seat let out. I mostly just need some room for my crotch to breathe.
gunmetals gone in 34
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