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smartwool PhD socks are my go-to
I'm looking for the rust/navy flannel workshirt in Medium. Seems be sold out in most places, anybody seen a Medium anywhere? This guy: http://www.stuartandwright.com/Engin...Shirt_649.html
Promo Code PEFW2010SHIP on Ervell's new A/W online shop Just free shipping, but cheapest shipping option is $25 so it's nice, not great.
What's the shrinking like on these pants? I wear bigger size and I'm thinking about ordering some of my own, but wanted to account for shrinking.
I have the ervell oxford in grey and blue. They are awesome and fit very well. Somebody should pick this nice shirt up.
measurements on Ervell Medium? How does it fit on you compared to your "normal" size? Could you wear shirt underneath or just a tee?
I've got the WWM houndtooth cruiser. Incredibly soft and beautiful fabric. Fit is a tad boxy. Somebody should kop this shirt.
I literally just bought that vest full price same size. Shucks. Although I'm hoping it's not actually true to size. The guy at South Willard told me the M fits like a large/42 and the large fits like a XL 44-46. Apparently that's not true?
Here's a picture: http://www.patrikervell.com/product/.../cardigan/navy
I'm looking for the Ervell cardigan with the snap front. Size large. I like the navy, but I could buy a different color.
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