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Mike— Just got my nailhead marcello. Thing is a beauty. However, it certainly is running a bit tight. What are the seam allowances on the marcellos? Trying to figure out if I'm going to swap it with something else...
damn, missed the grey oxford rivets — when are we going to see a re-up of those? On the bright side, I have the nailhead Marcello coming my way.
Hey Mike - those Marcellos finally through customs?
If you fold them, then yes.
re: natty cxl color change I actually sort of hate the way most natty cxl looks when its brand new — kind of an ugly peanut butter color. But when they are worn for a while and maybe with a few coats of cream or oil (mine has a few treatments of Montana Pitch Blend on them) they become unbeatable. Shitty iphone picture, but you can tell they are darker than when new. About to cop the natty LWB...
Probably selling my French Blues, size 34 (waist let out 1.5 inches) worn once. Thought I'd post here before B&S.
No kidding. Glad I got mine from Mike...
New natural RKs look sweet. It looks like they'll be dropping soon.
Hey Mike never heard a response about the Marcello jackets? Those still coming in?
I just sent you a PM.
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