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Button down club collar -- sign me up, esp in off-kilter colors. Wearing my ervell club collar right now- would definitely be open to the EP improvement.
SVB what are those shoes ^ Achilles mids? They look good.
Bought the ribbed aviator from the PE website on sale last month. They didn't have my size, but i told them my measurements and they rec'd a size up, which they stocked. I wanted to love the jacket, but the fit was really strange. It was wide in the chest but the arms would pinch near the top— something strange was happening where arm meets shoulder. I returned it.Sizing was weird for me, but not that it would be for everybody I guess. Quality was just fine.
My returned nailhead marcello is back up online if anybody is looking for a 52. Also, broke out my azure modified walts this weekend. I absolutely love that color, looks much better in person.
damn, too slow.
I already paid for my baseball, but haven't decided on a color yet. I never wear black shoes, mostly brown, gray, and sometimes white. I wear lots of blue, too. It seems as though both choices are versatile enough for my wardrobe. Drew, do you have an opinion on bball colors?
I had never really considered a TOJ1 until that fit dlester. That jacket looks great
Here's a few closer pictures. [[SPOILER]] Mike, what are the seam allowances to take out the waist? Or perhaps that's not worth it....
Definitely not the slim guy the marcello was made for. I'm 90% sure this jacket is too tight on me— need some advice. Looking at the side seams near the arm holes and on the rear-facing shot the shoulders/triceps are tight (among other areas). Am I just not used to wearing a SC this close fitting or is it too small? [[SPOILER]]
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