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Holy smokes the high trainers are nasty. Whew. So good. Mike - any plans for white or black sole options in addition to the gumsole?
me too
Mike — do you have any other plans for that awesome Valtherm wool used in the Veneto jacket?
I dig these, especially the second one. Good shit, shoreman!
more grey got mine a few weeks ago, could have made both body and sleeves a half inch longer, but I still love it.
lol, it is definitely too late. Once they order the materials for your jacket (months ago) your order is set.
Couldn't find an answer anywhere in the thread- does the calf suede stretch at all? Just got my bball jacket today in the mail and the shoulders feel a hair too tight-- will this jacket loosen up a bit with break in?
Damn all these tan baseballs are killer, making me rethink my grey bball decision. I'm sure all will be good.
+1 Stanton street tailors. Had a few pairs of pants taken in/let out, put darts in shirts, all with great results.
Sure it sounds like they could have been a bit more polite to you, dude, but you cannot demand they discount clothes for you on the spot. That is an absurd notion. Just because a big box store can discount clothes doesn't mean you can march into the brand's own store, begging them to give you a discount. That's like finding a rick owens jacket at a Nordstrom Rack (i know that's not gonna happen, but for the sake of argument) and when it doesn't fit, you go into the Rick...
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