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hi looking for some advice on a few topics 1) Spring/Summer/Fall Jacket Replacement i lost my well-used Polo Quilted Blue Richmond Jacket on a recent flight. it was this. any recommended alternatives? like this 2) MTO Blazer Advice- i am looking for something to wear to work for the summer. have blue wool and this thing. looking for something else. 3) Cotton Walt Size - purchased 2 cotton walts. didnt wash them yet. do they run true-to-size? size 32 waist. they feel...
sorrywhere did you get these?
thanks is that in modified last?
do you have a link to the TSM version?
Mike great time at the store yesterday thanks! CJ
yes! but i work during the week and on the weekend- have 2 little kids.every weekend i say i want to take them to epaulet - my wife asks what it is - and i say toy store and she doesnt believe i do 100% of shopping/returning online.
hi i also need help with sizing the epaulet shirts i wear a 15 in neck 34/35 in sleeve 5'9" 150 lbs all muscle anyone recommend a size?
alden modified natural chromoexcel & matching straps
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