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is burnished tan same as whiskey?
thanks everyone sherman's website has retail $488 alden store in NYC has retail $488- said they wouldn't discount (and tax for me) harberdash has below retail, maybe a slight discount $460 but no HTTPS/SSL?
anyone know where to get an alden leydon suede chukka below retail? (TSM 2nds are sold out)
thanksbut they dont have those fabrics as jackets?
love the MTO FF jackets. how can i get a better idea of how the fabric would look- and how do we know what fit/size to get?
bump this
nor UWS
hi looking for some advice on a few topics 1) Spring/Summer/Fall Jacket Replacement i lost my well-used Polo Quilted Blue Richmond Jacket on a recent flight. it was this. any recommended alternatives? like this 2) MTO Blazer Advice- i am looking for something to wear to work for the summer. have blue wool and this thing. looking for something else. 3) Cotton Walt Size - purchased 2 cotton walts. didnt wash them yet. do they run true-to-size? size 32 waist. they feel...
sorrywhere did you get these?
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