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question repost- whats the best way to care for Indy Natural Chromexcels?c
and the alden store guy said modified shell is being focused on the asian markets only
hi guys im looking for the quoddy boat moc with red vibram sole in stock size 9 (also looking for size verification. i wear a 8.5 alden modified. 9 most everything else)
do you have an alden unlined chukkas ?
bit on the grey donagel mto jacket and a sweater ouch
FYI i heard Alden is not producing any Shell Cordovan shoes for Moulded right now. sad
is burnished tan same as whiskey?
thanks everyone sherman's website has retail $488 alden store in NYC has retail $488- said they wouldn't discount (and tax for me) harberdash has below retail, maybe a slight discount $460 but no HTTPS/SSL?
anyone know where to get an alden leydon suede chukka below retail? (TSM 2nds are sold out)
thanksbut they dont have those fabrics as jackets?
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