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im trying to figure out if they are mislabeledUS 8 on the inside. us 8.5 on box?
feels tightbut not sure if thats normal
seems like mine was mislabeled?
yes i tried a 8.5 and alden NYC told me to go up. was tight in the toe.just went to the store. gave me some inserts. will trythanks !
hey mike what would the windowpane jacket look like ? SB or DB. any way to see?
last20 for 20% off sale items only
righti am also entertaining another chukka hole- see this:i wear a size 8.5 D Modified Last - have 4 pairs from moulded. wear a size 9 is most else (quoddy, etc)i wanted to get a pair of chukkas. sized and got the Alden Leydon Suede Chukka in a 9. felt ok at the store.wore it at home, at work, the heels are real painful- perhaps slipping?ideas?
I thought the leydon fit TTS and the Barrie 1/2 down?
thanks for the replyyeah. i got a 9 D in the chukka. left "upper" heel hurts. i think the shoe is slipping.the 8.5 D chukka was tight around the wide part of my foot.
just picked up the navy window and the glen plaid
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