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thanks for the replyyeah. i got a 9 D in the chukka. left "upper" heel hurts. i think the shoe is slipping.the 8.5 D chukka was tight around the wide part of my foot.
just picked up the navy window and the glen plaid
question for you guys (the alden thread didnt answer ) i wear a size 8.5 D Modified Last - have 4 pairs from moulded. wear a size 9 is most else (quoddy, etc) i wanted to get a pair of chukkas. sized and got the Alden Leydon Suede Chukka in a 9. felt ok. wore it at home, at work, the heels are real painful- perhaps slipping? FYI i have narrow heels i inherited from my father. QUESTION- do i have any options? thanks
im looking for a belt any coupons?
need help here i wear the modified last in a 8.5 D i got the alden suede chukka, leydon last, in a 9 D the heel (towards the top) really is painful on my foot. any ideas why?
hi any updated ETA on the MTO Jackets?
hi i got the same shoes this week. i have a sizing question:the shoe itself says "7.5 UK 8 US" on the insidethe shoebox says "8.5 US " on iti ordered a JCREW 8.5 US Sizei wear a 9 in most shoes, and a 8.5 in an alden modified last.so i ordered a 8.5 US (JCREW Size).is that correct?
http://thisfits.me/post/57814337635/on-sale-at-j-crew-20-off-alden-and-alfred On Sale at J. Crew: 20% Off Alden and Alfred Sargent Footwear Use promo code WIT20 for 20% off everything. Yes, everything. Hat tip to midwestablishment, who I’m pretty sure alerted me to J. Crew’s last glitch sale. Well that was fast. I really was kidding about J. Crew making a promo code that works for their new Alfred Sargent footwear, but apparently that’s what’s going on here. Don’t...
question repost- whats the best way to care for Indy Natural Chromexcels?c
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