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current Alden Modified collection, Top to Bottom, Left to Right [cross-posted on alden modified and alden threads] 1) Quoddy Kennebec Chukka, Blue, Red Sole 2) Quoddy Boat Moc Cavalier, Blue, Red Vibram Sole 3) Alden #55909 Perforated Cap Toe, Black Calfskin, Modified Last (The Shoe Mart 2nds) 4) Alden #1493 Unlined Chukka, Snuff Suede, Leydon Last 5) Alden #5404 Calfskin Medallion, Burnished Tan, Modified Last (@mouldedshoe) 6) Alden #58722 Brown Alpine Calfskin Long...
i have this"Slim Walt Trouser Grey Donegal Tweed
thank you allpart 2- what fall/winter pants should i getlooking at tweed and flannel [my current WINTER collection]
can you guys help me with a color compare i own: Slim Walt Trouser UK Donegal Tweed Salt & Pepper by Epaulet | Epaulet New York should i buy: Salt & Pepper http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/driggs-salt-pepper-donegal-tweed or Charcoal
from moulded
where in boston are you going?
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/made-to-order-suiting/products/factory-finds-fw14-southwick-sportcoats-in-midweight-lambswoolsolive windowpane sold out
2-3 years ago
yes mouldedCXL wingtip are on order. no idea dates.i have a pair of #8 boots from moulded. around $800
picked up another pair. tan medallion. also waiting for a shipment of CXL boots to come in. owner said "Alden is trying not to ship modified shell cordovan to the US. they could sell for more in Japan."
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