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any recommendations for a Chukka that fits like a modified?
dittoi heard the same thingi am looking for something that fits similar
thanks! where to buy? online or in NYC?
IMHO: the 'Italian;' cut is tight on the thighs/behind the 'American' is looser --edit-- leg opening larger in italian though
hi i am at 15" neck and 34-35" in sleeves (ie- neanderthal-arm-length size) what size shirt do you recommend?
beauty!what last relative size are you double monks?i cant find a last that fits my narrow heel!
no more walt factory finds?
maybe you are correct!http://mouldedshoe.tumblr.com/page/9my babies http://www.styleforum.net/t/234635/alden-modified-last-if-you-wear-or-are-interested-please-read/180#post_5293486
i own a pebble longwing in a modified.never saw a #8
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