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i got some shell boots, shoes if you are interested9.5 shell color 8 modified boot8.5 CDI cigar shell penny8.5 shell color 8 modified split toePM me if you want them
thanks sir
please read carefully. please ask questions if you have any. this is a rare pair of the Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Shoe, in a hand-sewn penny loafer this typically resale for over $1200 the shoes are in amazing conditions, were purchased as factory 2nds, but have not visible external defects i can find. i included great pics the shows are in the CDI Last, contoured depth inlay, which is similar to the Barrie, but roomier in the toe. please consult your Alden specialist...
there is another side to this story, i am sureboth heavy weight and light weight pants have worn thru. i have around 15+ pairs in total rotation. i walk alot, live in NYC. my friends tell me i have skinny thighs.if no-one else in this community was having this problem, i would understand. it sounds like a very small number of people have had similar situations, but not a significant amount. which means i might be doing something wrong.not trying to hijack this thread, so...
note, for those that keep on asking, after an initial response from Mike, i have not heard anything more. i did follow up a few times offline. no response.(he did offer to send extra material to fit the seat, proactively. though that doesnt help for the 3+ pairs that are damaged.)i am a bit disappointed that, after spending $4K with over the years, that was the response. I support them and the community, but have withheld my usual fall orders...thanks to everyone for the...
2nds, cordovan, 10c if anyone is looking (not mine) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Plain-Toe-Boot-Shell-Cordovan-Color-8-Modified-Last-10-A-C-/291547715649?hash=item43e1991841
anyone else have quality issues with ripped seats on the epaulet pants? i own around 10 pairs of epaulets, winter, summer weights. most seem to be wearing thin/ripping on the seat. i have had to tailor a few (some unsuccessfully). not what i expect from 1-2 years on a $200+ pair. thoughts?
NOT 2nds. brand new. never worn Unlined chukka boot. This unique combination of super soft calfskin suede uppers, with vegetable tanned insoles, flex construction leather outsoles provide a great looking classic casual boot, the natural sole edge further enhances this very appealing boot. Flex models are made with Goodyear welted construction; beneath the insole is a layer of cork, providing additional resilience and insulation. Every Alden New England shoe carries a...
i am thinking about the rancourt pinch penny, could you some sizing and sale help: i wear a 8.5D modified last (Alden); and 9 in most other shoes. i wear a Quoddy 9 boat shoe. i have a narrow heel and a medium arch. looking to get something for summer. any sales coming up? http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/pinch-penny-loafers.html http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Rancourt-Co-Penny-Loafers/MH00488,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00488_Color=DKRD&contentpos=1&cgid=
still have? why selling
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