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Yes please. Will start pocket square selection now 8)
Great fun last night. Ran into lots of local characters. Nice getting to know you guys better. Cheers!
I'm in. Will have to decide if cashmere will cause overheating. Thanks for posting!
Sorry I can't make it. Would like to check out their stuff and see you guys sometime soon.
This is sad news for a great brand with a family history. It is a sign of the times, much like the resignation of Berlusconi. But it could be good for business. Brioni was saddled with debt and could have had problems with production and quality. They made my MTM suit pants much too wide this summer. I think this could be an improvement for the brand. It would be a mistake for PPR to ignore the fact that quality is the most important aspect of Brioni. Based on PPR's...
I will be there. Looking forward to it!
Battistoni and Brioni. Local favorites.
Lots of suede boot options would be better.
I'm not a fan of that style, but I think it's a nice version of the antiqued derby with interesting colors.
I agree. I think one should not skip the high quality RTW market before going MTM or bespoke. That way you benefit from the quality that is readily available and can assess whether it works for you. I am perfectly happy with high end RTW and only use other options for particular fabrics or styles that I can't easily find off the rack. I also find that people who want wedding suits often end up wearing those suits very little after the event. may be better to get a nice...
New Posts  All Forums: