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Thanks comrade. Coincidentally, before reading your post, I made a visit to tailors keep and had a great time. I loved their current space and was impressed with their bar cart. Wish I had enjoyed a cocktail. Next time. Their service was excellent and they are clearly excited to produce fine clothing. I look forward to enjoying the manufacturing process. Here is a mediocre photo.
This is not some spicy holiday story. I wish it was. Instead it is a tale of disappointment, leading to euphoria. I am in search of some pants because a certain European tailor decided to complete only the suit jacket and not the pants. So here we are, in San Francisco in search of pants. And fine trousers are what is needed specifically. Local bespoke. I hear from an esteemed member that Tailor's Keep and Wingtip are good places to talk to. So that is my first...
Yes please. Will start pocket square selection now 8)
Great fun last night. Ran into lots of local characters. Nice getting to know you guys better. Cheers!
I'm in. Will have to decide if cashmere will cause overheating. Thanks for posting!
Sorry I can't make it. Would like to check out their stuff and see you guys sometime soon.
This is sad news for a great brand with a family history. It is a sign of the times, much like the resignation of Berlusconi. But it could be good for business. Brioni was saddled with debt and could have had problems with production and quality. They made my MTM suit pants much too wide this summer. I think this could be an improvement for the brand. It would be a mistake for PPR to ignore the fact that quality is the most important aspect of Brioni. Based on PPR's...
I will be there. Looking forward to it!
Battistoni and Brioni. Local favorites.
Lots of suede boot options would be better.
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