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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty What are the new B&S rules on selling stolen goods? lefty really? you're accusing me of stealing? jesus, fine I'll just keep these as backup to fulfill your misplaced sense of justice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Benzito Yes, a clear conscience is worth more than $110. You should pass along the favor for free. Preferably to someone in a cool, rainy environment who really needs new gloves. this argument is ethically flawed.
Quote: Originally Posted by swoobie What size? Size Medium I'm not going to return them. We can get into a whole philosophical debate here but this is a small "bank error in my favor" and I am going to go with it.
took this off due to sf backlash cliffs: -i ordered gloves from bb clearance sale -bb sent me an extra pair accidentally -i decided to keep.
Did you get charged for just one or both? Same thing happened to me with the 2-in-1 Glove but I only paid for 1!
prices lowered again + updated
prices dropped
price drops on many items
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi Cardigans From left to right: B. Son charcoal shawl collar (M) - 65 J. Crew charcoal university (S) - $55 Uniqlo light forest lambswool (japanese M, fits S) - $50 What's the condition of the J.crew cardigan? THX wore it around 6-7 times in the fall. lambswool still soft as new. a little bit of pilling that is hard to notice since it's a charcoal cardigan. Cheers. measurements updated
big update with new things. will consider combination offers
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