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If only I wasn't a poor college student... very nice suit
While I respect Lil Wayne, newer Jay-Z is just bleh. Mine is old school Jay-Z, Big L, and Nas mostly for running.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Does anyone know if this Seller is legit? They appear to have DOZENS of this watch for under $250. And they're from China ... But a fake Tissot? Link 1 Link 2 I wouldn't trust it.
Quote: Originally Posted by madaboutshirt I do not agree with this sentiment. I own a Tissot Le Locle, paid $320 US for it on Ebay. It's an extremely well made watch for the price point. Obviously it's no comparison to my IWC, but that would be like comparing apples with oranges. Picked up the same watch at around the same price and for the money, I love it. Elegant styling, automatic swiss movement, just a great watch for the money.
Had to meet with recruiters from Ernst & Young today for an internship so I went fairly conservative but still enough to set me apart from the rest of the guys wearing far too large/small wrinkled clothes with sneakers and athletic socks. Also, the bottom of the jacket is only flared out that much because of the body position to take the pictures. I'm still fairly new to all of this so any constructive criticism is appreciated. EDIT: I did notice and fix the right...
Would keep these but they are unfortunately the wrong size. Used but in pretty good condition (could definitely use a polish), pictures show the creasing and sole condition. Looking for SOLD Pending payment
Im looking for some ankle boots to wear under jeans in the $200 range .Can anyone suggest any brands I should look at?
But most MAJOR programs probably make up most if not all of that cost just from their alumni professional athletes and then have a gain when you take into account other donations... And the very top (SEC schools, some big ten I'm sure) make money before you take into account any reputation increase, shared research grants, donations, providing students with what they want. If you're talking about very low end D-1 and lower then I think you have an argument but as far as...
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut it's absolutely clear that athletics bring in tons of money for schools to fund all kinds of things. that obviously cannot even be debated. that's just a fact. all of what you said is true, even perhaps that it's a "good thing." i was merely getting at the "what if" question of: ultimately, without athletics, donations would go down -- but since athletics are gone and now the university doesn't have to fund them...
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Hmm not exactly a good comparison but I'd be willing to be the combined endowments of the Ivies plus say NYU, Johns Hopkins, Emory and a couple others would exceed that of the BCS schools. okay.... I'm trying to figure out how that has anything to do with what I said.
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