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Picked up a cashmere Burberrys overcoat in either black or a very dark blue. It's a little big on me so I may try and sell it here but for the life of me I have no idea what I would start it off at. It's listed as 44R, but looks like the sleeves were taken in 2" or so as it fits like a 44S. Anyone have any ideas on a reasonable price?
pm sent
slightly off topic here, but I would appreciate if anyone could help me. Picked up a burberrys overcoat recently from a thrift store with "dfr" written below the logo on the tag. Does anyone know what this means?
Picked up a made in england Burberrys cashmere overcoat in great condition. Underneath the Burberrys logo it says "dfr" and I was wondering if anybody knew that meant.
absolutely beautiful boots
Picked up a nice Thomas Pink shirt today, found some nice suits but the place I go to is priced incredibly high because they just bring in the nicest stuff from the area. Passed on a paul stuart suit and a couple of HF because they were all $200+
I'm a big guy so the V neck definitely look better and I find myself wearing them a lot more. It all depends on your preference though.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheD0n Agreed on Jay-Z (except for 'Young Forever' ft. Mr. Hudson). I hope you aren't referring to Ludacris in 'Big L'. I'm referring to Big L
beat me to it
You won't find anyone suggesting Boss on here.
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