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11/9 Drops
11/7 Drops
If any extra measurements or pics are needed don't hesitate to ask. All Prices include CONUS shipping with tracking code. PM with any questions. Mabitex 1. 100% Cotton Navy Blue Size: 34 US/50 EU Measurements- Waist: 18.5" Rise: 9.75" Inseam: 37" Opening: 7.75" Asking SOLD 2. 100% Cotton Khaki Unhemmed Size: 36 US/52 EU Measurements- Waist: 18.5" Rise: 9" Opening: 7.75" Asking $65->55->50->45 3. 100% Cotton Brown Checked Size: 36 US/52 EU Measurements-...
Picked up two things that looks like nwot: Zegna brown jeans and a Thomas Pink tie and a good condition Canali tie.
If I'm going real casual I wear a v-neck sweater over a v-neck t-shirt. Never heard it's some big sin.
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Dressing Up today... I love that tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by catside Chill! This is a thrifter's bragging board. $10 is a good thing. Sell it for 500 and come back to brag about it, we'll all congratulate you. Guess that came across wrong. It was written as more of a matter of fact statement. Not offended by what people said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord You can always try it on this site then move it to Ebay later, no fees here. But if I were selling something and was going to ask over $100 I wouldn't divulge that I paid $10 When you're trying to pay your way through college, you don't really care how you make the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Outerwear can be hard to move. Given the color, cut, fabric and brand that one should be easier than some. Is it made in England? What's that tag on the inside of the pocket with "100% Cashmere" on it? If there's room to let out the sleeve length that would also help you move it. Great find at that price, btw. The two tags inside the pocket are care instructions, lining information, and size. It's got...
Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 Looks like it is made by Chester Barrie Still fairly new to all of this. Good thing? Bad thing?
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