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Picked up a BB Golden Fleece suit and noticed the Hickey Freeman "HF" on the clasp of the pants. Did they/do they produce for BB?
still deciding between charcoal trousers/navy sweater, and a tie or a full suit. My brother will be showing up in his army class a so I wouldn't stand out too much but all my other cousins dress like typical american teens who have been forced to dress up.
Bottom button should be unbuttoned always. As far as trousers, a charcoal sc is pretty versatile as long as you stay away from black or charcoal trousers. Khaki, brown, navy, just mix and match and see what looks good.
Have to see it being worn to make any sort of judgement. Generally Burberry's quality doesn't live up to SF standards so you won't get a lot of love but at the very least you can throw it up on ebay and make some money. Just can't go wrong for 10 bucks.
I agree with what most posters have said about sleeve width. Other than that, pretty darn nice for the price, certainly better than any OTR suits anywhere near that price point.
Picked up a VERY lightly worn Zegna pinstriped navy suit. It's double pleated, but other than that a gorgeous suit and I figure I can throw it up on ebay. Also picked up a flat front charcoal BB Golden Fleece suit, probably going to get it altered since it's just a little big but we'll see. Rounding out the day was a Paul Stuart sport coat and a pair of John Varvatos black venetian loafers, whose size I can't determine. Expensive but good day.
I just don't understand these for everyday shoes. At least if you're going to look like a slob stick to sneakers or something that looks more comfortable and less ridiculous than these.
definitely not my cup of tea. Hate those
11/16 drops
I prefer Merino because it's a lot more comfortable and thinner, but on a really cold day it doesn't do nearly as well.
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