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Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Beautiful. I don't suppose you have anything in antique cognac and could provide a side by side comparison? Anyone else? Wow. Those are incredible.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Mitchelli My personal favourite - IWC portuguese tourbillon mystère rétrograde absolutely beautiful
Jacket looks pretty big. Definitely could be taken in around the waist and there's a bunch of extra fabric on the back.
I don't have the guts to try a double breasted. As a broad-shouldered guy I just can't see it working with my body type.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben Most of the stores in my area (w/in a 60 mile radius or some) send all their donated goods to a "donation center" where it's separated, tagged, and shipped out to individual stores. Could be that, or could have been a small donation, most of my donations are between two and ten items. That happens a lot. The Goodwill near me gets almost all of the top stuff from the surrounding areas but is also priced...
Complete personal preference thing. I don't like the look of cuffed pants but you will find plenty on here who do.
That boggi is really nice
I'm probably the odd one here, but sometimes I don't have a problem with it with a suit. I don't like just a plain white button down with a suit but gingham or a less formal patterned shirt I'm okay with.
As for jeans blue in green and the A.P.C store are great places to stop in down in Soho. Picked up a pair of A.P.Cs about a month ago and I love them.
Hit soho. Uniqlo is an experience, daffy's, century 21 if you're fine with hunting through stuff. And just walking around soho is always fun.
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