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Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 At a freakin Goodwill?!!! I thought it was bad around here with the SA charging $39. Our Goodwill suits top out at $14.99. Of course, that will probably change any day. To say that the area I live in is rolling in money would be a drastic understatement. Not only do they get incredibly nice stuff donated because of that, but they bring in nice stuff from other areas to sell to the people with money and have a...
Just picked up a bottle of Macallan Cask Strength. Very smooth but at 117 proof, that also makes it pretty dangerous.
Don't ask, don't tell. That's my policy.
What's wrong with used for him. He's going to wear the suit infrequently for a couple years and then probably donate it or throw it away. Really doesn't matter what you get just make sure it fits well.
Lock your doors tonight. There's about 50 guys on this forum who'll be trying to sneak in and steal those tonight. Amazing.
I'd look around ebay. Plenty of deals to be had there and you're more than likely going to outgrow anything you buy. Can easily pick up a nice suit there for around $200 or less.
How big are the shoulders on the extra slims? Do they run a lot smaller? I have a thick neck, broad shoulders, and am very slim so it's very difficult to find shirts that even come close to fitting OTR.
I'm away and don't have my camera but I'll put up some pics next weekend. Alden's aren't anything amazingly sleek, rubber sole but still nice. I believe this is the model but I'm definitely not 100% sure
A lot of people will be having that problem after Thursday
Picked up a pair of Allen Edmonds Becker (10.5E) and Alden suede (10.5D), both in Brown. Very nice looking shoes.
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