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I've gotten into three during my three years of college so far and a couple when I was in high school but it's a far less dangerous environment dealing with drunken, mainly suburban college and high school students. Bottom line, I work out very often and have been boxing casually for about 5 years now so it's just not much of a challenge. Everyone I've ever fought with was a drunken idiot who started getting physical with me but if you aren't wasted and know something...
more drops. Feel free to make an offer
dye it?
All prices includes CONUS shipping. If you need any pics, measurements, or want to make an offer feel free to PM me. 1. 40R (US) Canali 2-button Suit This suit is tagged as a 40R in US sizing but fits a little larger so please check the measurements. It is black and unfortunately a little bit too large for me so I'm moving it but is in near perfect condition and looks like it's been worn no more than a couple of times. It is flat front, double vented and very recent,...
Been a while but I walked out with a damn near new Canali suit, an older Zegna coat, and a RLPL (my first, very excited to see that label) shirt
1/1 Drops
I've got three pairs of shoes for sale. If you have any questions, need measurements, or want to make an offer feel free to PM me. Allen Edmonds Becker Size 10.5E Shoes are used but in very good condition other than a tiny bit of scuffing on the toe (nothing more than you'd expect from average wear). Other than that, everything about this pair looks great. Asking $60 CONUS -> $55 John Varvatos Venetian Loafers Size 10 Beautiful venetian loafers handmade in...
Whichever one fits the best
Yes, the lapels look abnormally large.
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