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Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands I think we admit that once clothes and shoes reach a certain level of quality in terms of materials and construction, any premium we pay is purely based on stylistic preference or *gasp* status conferred. If you accept that watches are jewelry, then they become analogous to clothes. The problem lies in the fact that many watch aficionados like to pretend that they're in it for the craftsmanship. Also, a really high...
Quote: Originally Posted by darinaldi Here's my experience: I placed my order on 5/27 for brown Fifth Avenues and walnut Strands. I sent allaboutshoes a PM to check on the status on 6/10 and received a prompt reply letting me know that the Strands were in and he was still waiting for the Fifth Avenues, but he could go ahead and ship the Strands now if I was impatient. 6/14 he sent me the USPS tracking number, and the package was waiting for me when...
I've always found the overall opinion towards watches on SF strange. It seems like a large percentage of the posters here come in and knock high end watches for being expensive when something much cheaper could do the same thing. IMO it's very similar to our collective fascination with high end clothing. How is a Patek any different than a pair of Edward Greens?
I don't know that I have the balls to rock those but they're incredible.
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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Rolex or bust. I gotta agree here. Think you can probably get a used rolex in a very similar price range and then you'll have the original, not something made to look like a rolex. Not that either are bad watches.
Quote: Originally Posted by alphaO888 It's called Credit Card Points so he'd make a profit regardless. Okay, but if an Amex card is pretty much equivalent to cash and he's selling it for less than the face value then he'd basically be taking a loss. It just seems fishy to be selling something at a discount that can be so easily used.
could you post a couple pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Best guess - he got them on the cheap and wants to flip them for a bit of a profit. Nothing wrong with that. regardless of how cheap he got them, if he's not selling them for more than their face value, then he'd get more benefit by just using them.
pm sent
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