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My Ethiopians are stupid tight. 33's - and the 33 Heavy American's I have fit great. It's not "need to break in tight" either. And the seam on the button fly popped. REALLY disappointed here. That's a lot of money to wait three months for a blind item, that's sized different than what I had before, which also needs mending...
33 is still a 34" inseam
My opinion is turning. While I wish the rise was a bit lower, I've been giving them a try, and I'm pretty happy with them. Something in between their slim and straight with a lower rise would be perfect.Overall, I'd buy again if an interesting fabric choice comes along.
Got my Heavy American's yesterday. They are pretty stiff, heavy-ish, and feel of good quality. They were kind of damp in the priority mail bag, and smelled weird - but not a real big deal. I got 33 straights, and really didn't pay attention to their sizing advice. I wear a 33 in Levi's 501 and 32 in 2012 Gap selvedge straights (a decent economy jean). The Gustin's were only a tad tight, and loosened up with some squats. I'm disappointed with the cut. It's much...
I think it's a full sized bump, yes. I'm 6'2", 185, 40 chest, and the XL fits me nicely. Not perfect, but L would look too small.
Got the straight fit. Much better than original fit. Legs don't taper as much, and diaper butt is reduced. Good quality. The blue does rub off, made in Malaysia.
Price is back up to 89 from 69. Straight Fit is also now available. I posted my review on their site. Basically the sizing is horrible as usual. My Selvedge Levi's 513's are very comparable to the Original Fit in style. My size 33 513's fit perfectly.. Size 32 Original Fit's are too loose in the waste, and they give you that full diaper look in the front and back. The waist feels high too. The fit in the legs is comparable to the 513's. These do look and feel like...
I almost bit too - I was at 140, and I debated adding something. Glad I waited.
So I got the 501 made in the USA's in the Sahara rinse, and in Raw. As has been said, the raw are STF. I bought true to size 32x32, and they fit just fine after a hot soak. I could use another inch in the inseam, but they just have a tailored fit in terms of length - no stacking or cuffing here. I have the regular selvedge raw 501's, and I can't tell one damned bit of difference. Well, except for the leather patch on the USA's. Definitely not worth the extra...
I got the raw 501 USA's and the 'sahara' rinse for $119. I had been considering the raw at full price. I did already buy the 501 selvedge in 'black seed'. It's a really nice rinse, if you like that sort of thing. One leg has a crooked inseam though, which I didn't notice until I threw the packaging and tags away. Hopefully 'made in the USA' really does mean better quality.
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