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Hi, nope no G&G but this thread is also called the shoo porn thread isn't it? The colouring was done by the shoemaker, they're quite unusual.
Picked these wholecuts up in Florence a fortnight ago.
Il Pizzaiuolo does the best Pizza in town - Also the Buffalo Mozzarella is to die for. Firenze Via De'Macci 113/r tel. 055 241171 - opens at 19:30 and fills up fast well worth making a reservation
I'm with you 100%. I own 3 pairs of black shoes as staples, the rest (20 or more pairs) are all browns/ tans etc. I find that the black can kill any shade lighter than dark navy or charcoal.
Aeglus, Phat Guido - Lookin Good.....
Linen Friday ting.... In the spirit of "What the hell" ......have a great weekend.... Linen Jacket, linen shirt, Cotton/linen tie, Cotton Jeans, Cotton belt, Cotton shoes, unimpressed hound....
Am in...It's about time I gave my GREEN linen jacket an airing
Aeglus by a nose, closely followed by TTO and Holdfast.
I guess I can't vote for myself then....
TTO looking sharp mate.
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