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Friday's challenge... Choice of two...by day or by night??? By day.... By night.... Have a great weekend.
Friday Challenge... Trad or preppy not sure which... nevertheless.... today.... this is how I roll..... Have a great weekend.
Afternoon Gents, @Holdfast - Great idea - you're right the picture is fantastic. @SpooPoker - Great stuff. @Porcelain Monkey - Interesting idea - Like it. @MBreinin - Love the shoes. Here's my NATURE CHALLENGE...
FRIDAY FU-SC CHALLENGE Have a Great FUSCukin Weekend.
I'd opt for something easier to wear....Can imagine it would easily become a one wear wonder! (I know I've had a fair few myself....
@ NYR - Nice Rob - You know I have a Grey flannel SC that I turned into a 3pc too - it's one of my favourite suits.... @ UPR Love the Orange tie. @ PANDARTS Very sharp like the pale grey / white shirt / dark tie combo - Very Sean Connery. Here's what I was wearing earlier - Now in Shorts & Rugby shirt with a Cocker Spaniel on my lap Cheers,
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Happy Valentines Day to the lovers, the dreamers... And me: ..and baby Spoo decorated my lapel Love it. Great colours - well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by tshaw SpooPoker - Whats the "S P" for on your jeans? 'Salt' 'Pepper' ?? I like the "L" on the belt loop Hey, I love the idea of monogrammed jeans!! Cheers Guys, My initials - the jeans were made for me by one of the trouser makers at Dege.
JACKET N JEANS CHALLENGE Gents, have a great weekend.
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