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Afternoon Gents, Interesting observations re. Pocket Squares - My rules are these - Serious business - White plain silk trumps all. Biz Casual or Just plain casual - Rockit in your Pockit http://s922.photobucket.com/albums/ad64/LilacCords/?action=view¤t=un4-1.jpg Fill your boots and have a good WE.
@ Nelton - Yes Grenson Clifton ta. @ Sugarbutch - 2 lapel holes / why not?
Morning Gents,
Afternoon Gents, Feeling blue after receiving my Tax bill earlier this week...... And today a bit of CBD Pitti style
Evening Gents,
Fred - Shoes are great. Old Dog Old trix - Love that POW on you.
Afternoon Gents, Happy New Year.
NYR - Keep WEARING THOSE STRIDES Afternoon and compliments of the season gents. Today I was mostly rocking the Security Guard Shiznit.....
Morning Gents, Long time no post. Enjoy your weekends.
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