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Afternoon Gents,
Afternoon Gents, Harrisons Moonbeam Jacket, blue/grey flannels by Bateman Ogden, Italian Shetland Wool tie, Shoes Richard James.
Gents, this is what I wore yesterday - today I'll be wearing Bond inspired 3pc Flannel. Enjoy the W/C
Hi, no they're just in cheap plastic shoe trees in order to keep them in position and also to keep their shape, only problem with this set up is that I now have a surplus of decent wooden Trees...
Harrydog, this part of the wardrobe is built over a fireplace so the area is very narrow, hence the shoes being stored vertically.
Custom built section in my wardrobe using cheap shoe trees screwed vertically on to shelves.
Think this depends more on the physique of the wearer than the environment he's in.
I'd go with a grey, perhaps a flannel or a tweed?
OP, PH's Glorious 12th will not be nearly "tweedy" enough for you. Think of it as worsted suitings material in country patterns. For all out Tweed look at Hartwist by Harrison's or for something a bit softer either Moonbeam or Glenroyal.
@ Upr, nice look mate, you appear to be getting younger???
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