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Morning Gents,
Indigo Angora Jacket, Ivory Moleskins, Brown/Cream Bi Colour Knit tie, Brown Tassle loafers.
3 piece POW, 7 fold Navy Twill tie, T&A PS, Black Wholecut shoes.
Patterned/Tartan trousers look great on the golfcourse. Can't help feeling that patterned trousers would always be trumped by a plain alternative.
Chinos are made of cotton and will always crease to some extent. If you like the look but dislike the creasing I would recommend going for a lightweight wool in a chino colour - Will hold it's shape far better. If you're stuck on chinos however, Im sorry to say that you're stuck with the creases.
10/10 its a great outfit to wear at night walking the dog. Drivers whose headlights hit the suit are like WTF.....???
Afternoon Gents,
Evening Gents, Grey Flannel 3 pc, RL tie
Morning/Afternoon Gents. A bit of Anti CBD for you
3 pc POW check in 15oz cloth, navy blue knit tie, spotted T&A hankerchief black tassle loafers.
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