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Im going to keep it simple patch pockets side vents and notch lapel I think.
This beauty is now OOS which is a shame but I did manage to get hold of enough to make a Jacket.... Going to go fully unlined, with navy taping on the seams. Thoughts?
Afternoon Gents, Autumn is here in London so pulled put a flannel 3 piece.
Herring Shoes with £100 off in the sale
Hi Gents, A couple of recent fits and my new boots
Summer has finally arrived in London.
All laid out then no opportunity to wear it....but you get the gist.... 4 pattern thingyameejigg. Gunclub Jkt, herringbone waistcoat, rust pattern tie, floral pocket hankerchief, pink moleskins, brown suede loafers.
@ Sugarbutch -I don't usually comment on individual pictures but wanted to say that this is probably my favourite ever of yours. Your style has come a really long way since you joined.
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