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Agreed on the shirt collar. Longer collar points would be better. The spread angle looks good though, so there's that.I just added a brown knit to my tie selection, and I've probably worn it three or four times in a couple weeks. I really like that raw silk too though. The decisions we have to make...
I'd go for the bucks. I like the wingtips, but I think I'd wear the bucks more.
Awesome. Congrats, and good luck, again.
No worries. I try to spoiler just about every photo in my replies. It gets to be a pain trying to scroll down through every quoted and requoted post four or five times.
Use spoilers. [[SPOILER]]
It depends. Does the bar regularly refuse to function, or does it regularly produce large amounts of smoke from no apparent source?Also, enginerd to enginerd, I applaud your nerdery.
Just a touch. It's the enginerd in me, I'm sure of it. My regular ties are around 3.5" at the widest point of the blade. I think the only ties I have that are slimmer than that are either woolens, which are 3.25", or my knits, which are 3".
I just like the wider knits because I have a hard time getting the regular ones to dimple. And I really don't like it when my tie doesn't have a dimple. I don't know why.
That's precisely why I don't have many shirts that take links. The clack clack clack drives me nuts when I'm at my desk.
That's the width of my knits. I've got a wine and a brown knit, both 3" wide. Gives me enough width to get a dimple in the knot.
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