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Don't get me wrong, Sid's is great. But he doesn't do true bespoke, as I understand it. The way it was explained to me at his shop, it's more of a made to measure process than bespoke.
Begin :nerd:Butler's numbers are most likely for the Cities Proper, and not counting the surrounding 'burbs and bedroom communities. Those will naturally and rightly be lower than the metro area populations.End :nerd:If population were more of a factor, then I'd hope that more people would visit Atlanta. I'd like to have a few more options than I have at the moment.
I've yet to see someone properly and purposefully incorporate sadness and ineptitude into an outfit, so this may be a first. If only we had a Jaguars or Bills fan here, there could truly be competition...You'd probably be the only person that could successfully pull that off, too.Now that's what I'm talking about. Unspoilered for all to bask in the glory of the 70s and 80s again.
This should be fun, even with my horrible photos. Thankfully, most of my teams have similar colours. I think I'm in.
Yes. Definitely yes.
Thank goodness. I mean, uh, such a shame. Yeah, that's it.
Yeah, OK. I am unable to get a full length shot at the moment. [[SPOILER]] Tomorrow is shaping up to be more peacocky, so perhaps brace yourselves for that.
That's how I think a summer jacket should fit. Relaxed and groovy, as it were.Coincidentally, I'm wearing something similar today. Well, a seersucker jacket and a navy knit at any rate.
That is also what she said.I think that most of my squares are in the 12" range, though I do get some slippage with the smoother silk ones. I doubt that would change much if it were nearly twice the size though.
You do.
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