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You and I are now enemies. I hope you're ok with this.
Terrible photography? CHECK! My submission, nonetheless.Full length: [[SPOILER]] The lapel pin and my avatar are your clues. Template is below. [[SPOILER]]
Came up on the first page of Google for Canada beats US. :shrug:I'm just having fun stirring this up. People convinced of the "superiority" of their favourite sports amuse me, especially when they try to convince other people of it.
Uh huh.I'm getting some good mileage out of this one:
I thought you were talking about a football team. When did you start talking about hockey?
Rugby with a helmet. And they stop every time someone gets tackled to make sure he's OK.It's actually quite enjoyable.
That's really well done, O. Senator Tressel would be proud.
Cream silk.
You won't find hate for either one from me. Atlanta had become my adopted almost home, and Sid is probably the best we've got locally. I love the shop, I just wish there were some more options more readily available in the city.
O, RLY?Didn't happen to pick it up anyway, did you?
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