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Mind if I ask who makes that fabric, Ed? Looks fantastic.
You keep a list of those? Make sure not to leave it laying around...
Glad the Holdfast Grin is back. The whole face blotted out thing was creepy.
Doing well on the purchasing front. I'm avoiding Spoo's thread like the plague. I am putting together quite the list of adjustments that I need to make to my current wardrobe items, and trying to figure out if I can do them on my own, or if I'll need outside help. I'm also considering trying to make my own unstructured, casual jacket.My mind goes strange places...
Doubtful for a method analyst. My guess is some type of software test, or perhaps a process test case scenario.PE certifications aren't all that useful outside of certain industries. Mine being one that they are a requirement in.And it's not just engineers that tend to dress poorly. Take a look at 90% of the workforce, and weep.
I'm in. I have a few minor adjustments that I want to make to some current wardrobe items, and hopefully this will give me the impetus to do them myself.
Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.CAKE FOREVER
Really not liking this, Anden. Just looks wrong.
Great, and it's too hot for tweed and wellies here already. I'll have to sit that one out, I guess.
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