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Understood. I was mostly making a funny, though that is very good shoppage. The tie was a nice touch.Back on the temptations topic, I'm really not liking that all the sales are hitting right now. It's not like it would matter, since they're already sold out of everything in my size that I would want. I'm just not liking it very much.
Why I forget about Drapers, I don't know. I still need to educate myself a lot more on fabrics.
I would've granted leniency based on the shoppage alone. That's good work, jrd.
No trespasses as of yet, unless replenishing my shaving cream counts as a trespass. Temptations out the wazoo, but none acted upon as of yet. Unrelated, but I haven't opened Spoo's LuxeSwap thread since late May.
That's a lovely looking tie, Ed. I wonder who the maker is...
I very much like the bottom one, the lighter coloured of the three.
This 7 ounce cotton sounds really nice. Any recommendations on where to look? I honestly know next to nothing about fabric houses, and even less when it comes to cotton. It's something that I really want to educate myself more on, generally speaking.
This man speaks the truth. I can comfortably wear linen nearly all year.Not entirely true. It can get chilly in Decemeber, January, and February. And spring is always unpredictable. Except the pollen. That's like clockwork.
Completely understood, and agreed. Most of my neckties are more pB than Beppe though, so I felt the need to inquire.
I hope bow ties count...
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