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After seeing % weigh in up thread, I'm not sure that I should bother. Oh well. Today in terrible photography:
Woops. I was looking at Charlie's post and responding to yours.
Congratulations!In seriousness, I disagree with that, though it could be because of your pose. You look good there, comfortable, at ease, well done, and not in the least bit gestating. The jacket's a nice colour as well.EDIT: I'm wearing a pink shirt today, actually. We'll see if I can manage some decent photos to submit. Doubtful, so I may just submit some terrible photos.
He's on the upside-down part of the planet. It's just now getting cold where he is.At least, the weather's getting cold. The Lions are heating things up a bit though.
[[SPOILER]] Edit: Sorry. It's a reflex.
Tell me about these falls and springs you speak of. They sound nice.
Hmm... This could work. [[SPOILER]]
Nothing in my size left already, at least nothing that I'd want to buy. I've got some alterations I want to make still, and might pick up some fabric for a casual suit or sport coat. Not sure, but I doubt I'll be doing anything big in the wardrobe department this grace period.
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