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Deal. And diolch. Lovely fabric.
I like this a lot, RDiaz. I have a tan and white double breasted seersucker that I should wear more often. Thank you for the reminder.I love FU trousers. Maybe I should combine those with my above mentioned seersucker.Ta, lads. I have dangerous ideas now.
You should check out the Welsh coast sometime, puts the English coast to shame. I like this a lot, though I think I would've preferred either a different, darker tie, or no tie at all. I will echo the comments so far on the SC. What fabric is that?
Interesting. I don't know where Kai is, but there's no way I could wear silk as a summer fabric, even in the evenings, here in Atlanta. Unless the occasion was entirely indoors and air conditioned, I'd sweat through it quite quickly, I would think. Of course, I'm the guy that can wear fresco as a year round fabric, so take that with a grain of salt.The colour of it made me think it would work well for autumn, as well as the warmth factor.
Doesn't silk tend to wear really warm and not breathe very well? If you're planning on this being a casual autumn suit, that might not be a problem though.
Overshoes/galoshes. I have blue Swims.
I'll have to submit multiple entries then, each one more garish than the last.I have a shirt similar to Bryn's jacket here, but without the extraneous and inferior other flags:
I ed.
I quite like the new additions, Crusty. If I were you though, I would return them. LOLWUT? I hear you say. Allow me to expand.They are much more chiseled in the toe box than I typically prefer, and much more chiseled than I think you, or most anyone else for that matter, look good in. That may just be me. That leads me to say, as nice as they look, they don't seem to fit what I have in my head as your style. I could way off base, it certainly wouldn't be the first time,...
Thanks, stitchy. I'm mostly sarcasm, snark, trolling, and general arsehattery, but every once in a while I feel like I should actually contribute.Seriously. Just stellar stuff from %. Not too bad yourself, SS. I quite like the shirt.
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