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Because we are largely quite crap.
As probably the only Cardiff supporter to frequent SF, may I just say, regarding relegation:Tan needs to get his hands off, and let the club be run by someone that knows what they're doing. It's not a bloody McDonald's franchise.
I do, yes. I swirl some powder around in the shoe before I put my feet in. I find it doesn't take much to keep my feet from getting too sweaty, and I'm pretty sweaty bloke. My objections to socks in my current climate have been fairly well documented in the Rock Your Socks thread, so I tend to avoid socks.
An Hermes clock, barometer, and thermometer. Because, why not?
Even with his newly focused pictures, Zach still isn't blurry enough to be Mimo.
Very well tailored, as expected. I must ask though, why the gauntlet/turn-back cuffs? Is there a certain connotation to them, a functionality, an historical reason, or is it purely a stylistic choice on your part?
You're just showing off now.
I think they do, mostly because I do it.Pingson: Thank you, sir. Looks good.
For being forced into a combination, it's a very nice one. It took me a lot longer than I'd like to admit to realise that I need to remove my jacket before playing with or feeding my daughter. Entirely too many trips to the cleaners.Clag, I like the colours and overall combination. The collar seems to be a bit big though, based on the overlap at the knot. Could just be me though.That's a very strong start.I really like this, Pingson. Very nicely combined, and I like the...
That would be this one, I believe. [[SPOILER]]
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