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The sizing in the photo is deceptive. If i went down 1 size, it would not fit. Its already pretty damn tight. Does anyone have close up pics of the oiled calf from crust?
With the stooges talk over the last few days, I thought i'd post up my most recent purchase. Originally I was hunting down the oiled calf from crust, but this one popped up which seemed just as good, if not better.
I've got a 4 zip 2011 moto in black lamb sz ~46. Will consider jackets ~48 (mostly after a CWU)
Thanks! It actually comes up about half way between my chin and lips. Here's a pretty terrible bathroom photo, but you get the idea: [[SPOILER]] Don't keep your hopes up. We've only won the last 7 years in a row :P
^ Yeah pretty much As the weight gets heavier, your wrists can collapse backwards (unless you're really concentrating on keeping it flexed) during pressing movements which wraps helps prevent. They also put some pressure on your flexors so it helps to grip a little tighter as well
After what seems like forever, I finally came across my grail leather in my size RO High Collar from Exploder Now i'm on the hunt for a Mollino from Crust. Also after a Stooges but no idea which season/leather i should be looking for. Suggestions?
Most of my friends know that i'm into clothes, so they just assume everything is expensive now (which can be just as annoying). Otherwise i just say "it cost a bit" and change topic - trying to reason that it's MTM, amazing leather, bargain compared to most designers etc. just seems to blow over their head because all they can hear is that i've spent several hundred dollars on a jacket.
Do you track your calories? Once you've been doing it for a while, you get a feel for how much something weighs and eyeball it within ~10g. Plug it into myfitnesspal and bingo!It's not perfect, but it'll do when you're out for lunch with friends. Sometimes you've just gotta YOLO it
For $15? Do it
Yeah i've never really understood the appeal of the 4 zip mdr. I have a 3 zip myself and far prefer it over the 4 zips but i'm sure they love theirs just as much. Everyone likes different things - Just get which ever appeals to you most.
New Posts  All Forums: