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1) The Macquarie B555 Narrow Medium is unchanged to me. Having a brass-screwed sole makes it sleeker, however.2) Yes, the French Veal Calf is quite delicate and prone to scuffs and scratches. I prefer the Yearling leather because it's substantially more durable yet still stylish.3) I'd call or email any one of the distributors. From what I remember, you could MTO more than just elastic-sided boots or top boots as the catalogue suggests.
I love the Sandstone color. Haven't seen too many of those anywhere. I'm might order a pair of those in addition to Dark Tan in either Veal Calf or Kangaroo.My only worry with having 6 pairs of Chelsea boots is the elastic gore becoming too loose with wear. Hopefully the shoe repair places in Texas know how to fix those because it's not worth the shipping to send them back to Australia for repair.
Can you also please post side-by-side photos of the Dark Tan and Chestnut boots? What leather are they? Along with LordPave's boots in Black and Chestnut kangaroo, this should be really helpful.I dislike asking for photos again, but RMW and its retailers have done a horrible job in showing pictures of the various colors in different leathers. It boggles my mind that with Zappos and other shoe sites having been around for a few years, you'd think RMW would get that posting...
LordPave, can you please post photos of your Chestnut and Black Kangaroo boots side by side?
My PAs don't feel tight at all. 'Just right' like all of my dress shoes.
I am a 9.5D on the Park Avenue. I wear an 8.5G for my yearling leather boot on the B543 last. Very comfortable. The 8.5F was too narrow for me.
I'll be in Paris for a 2-week vacation in December. Other than Charvet, JM Weston, and C&J can y'all please suggest some stores - preferably with goods that are hard to find in the US? With only a $2,500-3,000 budget, I'd be happy to be buy one or two things from this wish list: white/pale blue dress shirt dark denim jeans fitted polo shirt necktie medium brown Chelsea or Chukka boots (similar to RM Williams which I love) navy or light gray balmacaan raincoat Also I'd...
That helped. Since my Chestnut in yearling are a very dark brown, it seems the Dark Tan in yearling would be too close to that shade of brown. I hope the Signature boots don't have a different shade of Dark Tan versus Dark Tan in veal calf for any made-to-order boots.
I would never have guessed the boot on the left was Tan. It's a lot darker than my Tan boots in Veal Calf.However, I'm curious about your comment that the Dark Tan in yearling looking different than Dark Tan in Veal Calf. Can you please elaborate?Although my Veal Calf are superb, they are too fragile and chip/scratch easily whereas as the yearling have a great balance of durability and dressiness. However, the color of your Dark Tan signature boots is exactly what I...
Can someone please identify the two brown Craftsman boots here? What leather are they?I have Chestnut in yearling and (light) Tan in veal calf along with a pair in black and burgundy-brown from another company. I need something in between the Chestnut (which is a very dark brown) and the Tan (light orangey brown). The two boots here look lovely for that in-between role.
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