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Small claims makes sense if you are a diehard Judge Judy fan -- the International version.
In the wild with luc bread bags in gray.
All black will always be cool in some sort of context. That's the magic of black.
Yeah and who bought out the col 12 vestbags in all sizes@!#$!
That coat is great Maybe fuuma can id, his last fit was with a margiela overcoat
maybe he is worried they will drop too low and eat his feet if he's not careful
Can be had at southwillard if need be! It fits pretty small, size L is like a slim 50. maybe 48.
Yeah that is a perfect hide. I'd say that stitch is scarstitching -- since it's the same stitching I think on the scarstitch. My best guess I think.
Yeah they are pretty long (3/4th pants). I bought stuff at southwillard and shopneighbor. I'm trying to get a list of other non Japanese stockists -- since Japan stocks him heavily, but generally not size L which is what we'd be. The t-shirts are a bit on the tight side right now, but will probably loosen up. Btw, Jun Hashimoto is in Daikanyama too and close to Julius.
Frank leder linen cardigan came in. The buttons have this crazy threaded detail over them. Feels like it will wear away with time which is something he does with some of his pieces. Some of my AW14 shirts have this vintage brown lace that is loosely attached and meant to catch on things and rip -- a piece of my ripped pretty early on and I emailed him and he explained it but did mail me a bunch of spare lace he had lying around still laf.
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