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Thanks! Honestly wouldn't worry very much. Asofar I think a1923 has shown consistent progress in their product development. I compare the new derbies to the older a1923 I have, which while still nice, is just much less nice. For me quality has scaled well with the price increases. So as long as you can absorb the price increases the product will be equitably nice.So I'd expect that a1923 will continue to release cooler and cooler pieces each season. Personally, it's nicer...
EENECHO speaks very highly of his hemp blazer.
If you figure out a way... lemme get in on that action ;p
yeah you guys are right. i remembered the shaft joint being much smaller looking... that + the toe joint made me think it'd look more different than reality
the ccp jointed boots looked pretty different imo and apparently were the epitome of feet forture
Thanks! Yeah this grey was too good to pass up. It's my favorite color, if allowed to count it as a color. I got antsy as I didn't see anyone else get anything in this colorway. I handled the renna derbies that the archive got. Liked them much less than the ones Eton got as they had quite the grain going on. Not a fan of grain or reverse texture :/Arthur has this coming in their last shipment. Probably posted before, but the jointed design was new to me. Not sure if I'm a...
I would even be cool with it if thumb comments were supplemented via thumb ads as long as they were kawaii
Wow received no such bag with my pants.... what an awesome little bonus.
Eh after seeing this when I picked up my pants couldn't resist. About as sexy as kurta's green derbies are for me. A beautiful blue-tinged grey. Oiled cavallo. Courtesy of The Archive.Going to wait to wear/vibram these for a bit. Sole is almost too awesome to mar. [[SPOILER]]
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