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Yeah layer 0 leathers have always interested me. The details like the lining and that crazy zipper he uses sometimes all are great. awesome purchase
Well rfx's earlier post sums up the Rick situation pretty well"Can't say quality since it seems there are good and bad quality every season (though dominated with bad quality than good)"That's just how it is. Some designer brands get to the point where they can skimp on quality/durability and sell purely on brand and design while raising prices and who can really blame them for doing so? Rick/Margiela/YSL/Dior Homme and many, many others all fit that criteria. They all put...
Might be the lighting, but your shirt seems very see through.
You come off as wanting a rick owens leather because its a rick owens leather. Sure you want a nice, "quality" rick owens jacket, but honestly if you are spending a grand on an item don't you think it makes some sense to really hone in on a design that you really love and then do some research to figure out the best iteration or wait for it to be produced? Let alone 5 grand. Besides haven't the last several pages going back to when rfx45 first posted FW14 leathers to more...
i think the microlace/staple/middle seam would work better if the leather was non-reverse. I think the real deal-breaker is that overly long tongue.
Yeah but I dunno if those industries are apples to apples. People have a very different expectation as what they are willing to spend when it comes to telecomm/electronics equipment made anywhere including china versus a t-shirt made in china. It may be worthwhile for those industries to throw out a ton of production that doesn't meet strict qc especially if stuff is geared towards industrial/government use, but I feel like the margins are so low and the cost per item is...
I personally would be interested in seeing discussion on Scandinavian recommendations as well. Another thread is fine too, but in all likelihood if I ever visit those places myself I'll remember there was good discussion about it here and hunt that shit down.
Yar have a bunch but they are only like 40% linen or something along those lines. Cotton/linen blend like the pants. Still nice and happy I own them especially in the wine color, but definitely have a hard on for linen so 100% linen has that fetish-scraping appeal for me. Maybe Muji has something I'll look deeper in their webstore.
Whoa.. 100% linen and comparably priced to uniqlo? Sold. Wonder if they stock it at the SF Muji will have to check it out. Didn't even know we had one until I drove past it on the way home from work.Anyone know someone that makes cheap (I.e. fast fashion prices) full linen t-shirts? Would not mind some of those ;pEdit: Boxer briefs are for sure the future but now.
Yeah I have one julius piece and its not a leather. Overdesigned and too busy for me for the most part. I liked that gun holster moto jacket in grey and some of their bags but that's bout it. It's pretty costumey.
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