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Hey, some people watch march madness, the super bowl or f1 racing or other competitive sports. I watch hoarders -- dream big, aim high.
Well for content farms like forums -- I'd imagine in terms of advertising revenue and stuff -- any unequivocal downward trends in engagement metrics (which thumbs rate/# of thumbs probably is) is a bad sign that needs to be actioned on.
And plus -- was it because of the annoying 2 click flow (ux)? Was that what the flow was before? I don't remember it being so disjointed before, but maybe that was before I got spoiled by the flow of no-comments. Edit: I guess it had to have been a 2 click flow -- can't really see how it could be a 1 click flow with the option to add comments without something ugly or cumbersome. But also its friday, brain not optimal and i really just wanna go home and eat pork belly.
I think he meant sisses as in some people refer to ccp as sissypeee (forget the spelling)
Yeah id is enough -- they can look it up based on your address -- but when that fails (does sometimes) then tracking # is good to have.
Haha, yeah I mean I have like 15 blazers that pretty much look the same and all my guidis are like the same (black). But I pretty much style them interchangeably -- I mostly just like the different fabrics/leathers they come in -- stylistically they aren't really that different for me. Then again I'm nowhere near MC-levels of ocd on proportions and synergy. I will however pull out a piece and hand/eye examine all the details and nerd out on it, but I think its different.
It's no mystery. I think part of it stemmed from a period where tech really did not give a shit. Unix neckbeard period. Nowadays there are plenty of people in tech/area who are socially capable, in good shape and can style themselves -- far better than I can -- though many of them are hipsters and #menswear types or preppy bros. But people have latched onto that identity, for the california bay area, of not giving a fuck, if they don't give a fuck -- zuckerberg...
Nod that makes sense. I guess based on what I see people wearing in SF, a tall black zip boot is already by nature pretty aggressive due to uncommon-ness so even wearing white tornadoes doesnt seem that much more out of place or me. That green is hawt.
Hrmm... Maybe I'm just not detail oriented, but those boots look pretty similar in the pictures -- does one pair work better with certain types of stylings vs the other? Or do you find them pretty interchangeable? Don't get me wrong, I buy a ton of the same or very similar things so not judging in any sense... I was just curious -- I know folks have said CCP's shape works better with non jeans/suits/tailored stuff -- which I dunno if I buy into -- and yeah the shape is a...
pfft angry blog posts.... better yet should be snide john oliver segments!
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