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It generally is, but nature finds a way to warn us even if neither twin has facial hair, kind of like Jurassic Park. Nature's got our backs. Only way we remotely have a fighting chance really.
That's how you can tell which one's the evil twin.
If it fits... carpe diem and attachment have been consistently the most comfortable for me. Guidi and Augusta are tolerable sized well. CCP sidezips are my most uncomfortable.
Sounds like there are still multiple times a day that lines are necessary so I think they are well enogh with just in traffic business to tackle phone/email. Heard they disconnected their phone but no longer have a need to call ;p
Own what? Butteros? They aren't light weight. Quality is reasonable for the price and yeah the heels on mine are kinda too high for my tastes. Otherwise I like the shape.I have them around for beater boots which means the last time was burning man in 2011. My attempt to replicate Altieri's burying in the desert technique.
I like messenger bags. But have been contemplating a nice backpack at some point since I no longer work at a place that gives them to us for free.I have a barney x porter tanker bag which pretty much is the perfect messenger imo and has lasted for years with me through burning man, travel, coachella etc. May get the buzz rickson x gibson x porter version at some point out of that insane rickson nylon.Also have a guidi m10. Contemplating a m.a.+ embryo bag (Vaguely smaller...
and import duties
Thanks sir! Yar... I'm more a clothing hoarder than a style-guy per se and my fits reflect that But I guess throw together enough pieces you love individually together in the mixer and eventually you might get a few okay fits.
Cosplaying for watching Ender's Game tonight. Expectations could not be lower for the movie, but any excuse to wear the Washi/Linen. Lighting is shitty and I don't really know how to use my p&s camera. devoa, zb, zb, julius Buttoned up Hooded up
nexus 5 for lyfeee ;p
New Posts  All Forums: