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farfetch had them from by george (austin, tx store) for 760.
Hrm that's interesting. I wish it had a black or grey sole.
http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12021 Bless Hoodcoat for 550. Size L but fits like a size 48. Would contemplate if I was taller and not a size 50 ;p
Isn't that a testament to Fedex International service? ;p Haha sorry, I'm just bitter that superdenim didn't ship my order which I made thursday their time until today So no Cabourn til Wednesday.
Not a fan of that style of sole or broguing personally, but no feel welcome to post whatever floats your boat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane I didn't know guidi made sneaks, nice. They don't. Sorry wasn't clear was on phone at gym (Yeah I'm a forum addict). I meant if they existed I'd pay 1k for those ;p
Only sneakers I'd pay that much for are Augusta's. Maybe Julius sneaker boots. Not ruling ou anything though. Id pay 1k for guidi sneakers in soft horse maybe or reversed horse. Think that slouchy style would suit my taste in sneakers.
I'd only go with the middle grey brown ones. If I had to choose one that was going to be gifted to me.
Do any of you know where CCP boots are produced? I figure augusta/ma+/av/carpe/layers use a similar maker given this blog article + carpe diem ties. http://sartorialoft.blogspot.com/201...0-ss-2011.html Sad situation too! One of you should go and apprentice themselves to this dude ;p Oh yeah Layer-0 has some good stuff too. I wouldn't mind the non-rubber band derbies.
Yeah I was waiting on eckblk to answer that since I figured he know better but I pretty much assumed that Carpe price was pretty "reasonable" despite being for the most part nowadays considered the "best" of that style of footwear. Different strength of the dollar, materials costs etc. and as far as my limited knowledge knows the market was less saturated so you have less people changing the pricing game. It wasn't yet like pro sports where some new rookie or star player...
New Posts  All Forums: