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I'm glad it looks like Devoa has moved away from the circular heel. was not a fan of that at all.
damn what happens to your safety pin karma after you acquire one of those giant designer safety pins??
I think I want a darker colorway. what does he do besides shades of reddish/brown and black? any greys? ;p
Maybe I'll join you in your madness
I could take or leave the inner layer, but the outer one is awesome
that green wool looking shirt is great
Yup the startup I was at abused the hell out of Stanford/Berkeley/Ivy unpaid interns who were happy to do social media/brand awareness stuff part time just for the experience. (As well as cold calling, sales, operations and account management and design work). A lot of really talented college kids live in fear of the job search process and so internships, even unpaid, doing tech-stuff is really attractive and a lot of them are very tech-savy (naturally). Imo should pay...
Would say my attachment is the most comfortable... but as it's been said. the best fitting is going to be the most comfortable for you and that varies from person to person and frankly from maker to maker and even between models.... season to season.
Yeah I've wanted to pick up a beach towel ever since jet told me about it. Hasn't seemed super practical since I only go to the beach maybe 1-2x a year at most, but then again the word practicality seems a little bit silly coming from my own mouth.
Nice, one dude's reaction coupled with wikipedia citations. Sweet article indeed. He neglected to reference the bit in wikipedia that says: "When properly prepared, linen fabric has the ability to absorb and lose water rapidly. Linen can absorb a fair amount of moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp to the skin, unlike cotton and wool" Which probably is the biggest reason Linen is considered a summer fabric. Also "Linen is a very durable, strong fabric, and one of...
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