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Yeah hender scheme is a japanese dude who repros iconic sneaker models in handmade leather like gats, nikes, vans and new balance. With an easily replaceable sole by any neighborhood cobbler e.g. compressed leather sole with vibram toe/heel. Guy was a cobbler before so he made his designs easy to maintain and long lasting. Maas and stacks stocks them.
I mean it doesn't have that artisanal wabi-sabi quality that the more artisanal sz-centric brands, but I really, really am happy with my Hender Scheme sneaker offerings in black. I plan on getting natural leather options at some point as well, but well priorities.
If its an iphone7 fit then thumbs incoming ;p
Those m.a.+ diagonal front zips are really growing on me,
Yessir. Going to grab a few pieces at some point When you gonna grab your ish from Ryan? Should just sell me the green loden wool shirt.
You can vibram anything I'm just clarifying for folks who might be interested in it only with drip-action coming off the sole. That ish is short lived.
dries bomber is amazing. someday i promise i'll hem the pants [[SPOILER]]
I like drips. I can't justify owning them because they deteriorate so fast. The drips will wear off the sole relatively quickly. The rumor on sz is the MO is for people to resell their drips before the wear is too visibly obvious. Buy drips wear them on a few outings and then resell for not that much loss to a person who quickly wears the drips off and then if they resell they will have to eat the price hit if they try to resell. Don't actually know anyone who engages in...
Some nice lapel less in aisce blazers for a size 46 in this thread: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?p=471627#post471627
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