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yeah fit and fabric for sure and construction. the fabric is nicer than my m.a.+/luc pants. luc pants aren't anything special, but the m.a.+ cotton jersey and heavy cotton pants are pretty nice. all three pants feel way more flimsy constructed and the fit is a bit off compared in a few places.
I feel like that's true... all these brands are pretty much the same comfort to me which is "pretty comfortable" except for the ones that are too small. Most comfortable are still probably my attachment boots, but that's as hendrix says... just happens to be the best fitting pair.
eckblk can probably confirm, but i bet they are priced pretty similar here too. it's just easy to compare a1923 the archive prices versus euro ccp prices because of how few US ccp stockists there are especially with atelier gone. the ones that exist have no online presence either really.
Ohwell we don't have to like the same things. Shit is doomsday on superman strong for me.
Yeah you see the authenticity debate a lot on sz and imo it's kind of silly unless that's your primary motivator in acquiring things. Frankly CCP doesn't make a pair of derbies that interest me as much as those a1923 ones. Even if it has similarities to CCP ones, the a1923 ones are much better executed to my eye. So why would I prefer CCP ones unless it was for some bizarre concept of "authenticity." I like a good story for an object as much as anyone in terms of design...
Nice to meet you sir Look forward to your purchases.
Welcome to team hoarder eckblk We welcome you with open arms.
That's closer to my shade of red. That slightly darker guidi red is hot too.
Yeah saw that. Hope they put all their resources in building a badass web shop and drop shipping from Europe in special duty/custom-fee-shielded packaging.
Agreed the "best" is a nebulous concept, but clearly there are reasons internally that make it make sense for you to make the claim even if jokingly. It's always interesting to hear what those are, especially when my opinion is the diametric opposite. It's interesting to me to understand why people like things especially when I don't get it myself. Rarely, after the explanation I get it and then it's a win because I'm always looking for new things to appreciate. Your...
New Posts  All Forums: