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Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice passed a guy on the street in Sendai , both of us wearing carpe diem shoes and geller outerwear, totally did a man double-take as we passed, and both of the girls we were with hit us at the EXACT same time because they thought we were checking them out Got his number haha haha that's an awesome story.
The purple boot or blue boots are some of my grails.
Was a pair on yahoo japan not long ago going for like 500 bucks...
Those are some of the sickest/cleanest sidezips I've ever seen. <3 Attachment for value especially on the used market. Here's some front of horse backzip Augustas I picked up. Lighting kind of sucks on some of these camera phone pics but:
Where do sneaker boots fall in the baller footwear divide?
Man those MA+ derbies are cleannn looking. Remind me of Carpe derbies a lot from non-detail shots with a different lace section. I might have to look closer at those if carpe derbies never float my way. In general though I like more wabi-sabi-ish derbies like guidi/augusta/ccp... but thats me Dude, eckblk those green augustas are awesome ;p I do love my loud colors.
I've never really figured it out but is the 300 figure on the sneaker thread msrp or what street prices are like? I mean guidi hits 700 on sale/clearance. Aldens boots certainly climb pretty high. I think 500 street price is a pretty good rule of thumb... but 700-1000 retail is definitely a bit more baller Well I doubt you guys police the postings that closely anyways and I'm sure styleforum-style ridicule will scare away the plebes.
You buy Augusta/MA+ new, retail and special order that's true baller status and are way more knowledgeable ;p
I'm pretty sure you are most qualified to start it sir ;p Sartorialoft mailed my last pair of AV_Fields today. So will have sweet cell phone pics of the family soon for your thread! Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol For a second I thought you just bought all those Yeah sorry for cluttering up the thread :/ eckblk's new thread will solve this ;p
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