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holy fuck. my package from darklandsberlin has been stuck in a richmond, ca sort facility (1 hr from where I live) for 5 days now. Googled to see if there's a customs office located there and get this instead: http://www.disappearednews.com/2011/12/richmond-ca-usps-sort-facility-still.html Apparently it's a blackhole where shit vanishes into for up to 8 weeks or more and is unreachable by customer service. Nooooooooooo.....oo....ooooo......
This doesn't seem so much like asking or showing interest in the process or just being curious. It seems like a lot like telling people what's up.[NOWALLTEXTONLYWALLOFQUOTES]
Whoa what are those? They look like carpe diem except for maybe the laces.
Great coat. What's the material? Loving my linen/cotton bled coat Anatomical cut on the arms, shoulders and upper back are so awesome for devoa.
I just said they weren't made in house nothing about hand made or not. The two terms are orthogonal. Things can be hand made in house or partially hand made or machine made. Outsourced to a factory (Whether that factory hand makes or not) != made in house. That's my understanding of how m.a.+/ccp/augusta/carpe/etc. boots are made. I could be wrong, but numerous sources (Which I can provide if anyone cares) and folks who have had first hand accounts with the designers or...
I dunno about this time, but the last time I went off on him was because he claimed that unrevealed sources have confirmed to him that CCP and Augusta are made in house.That's not an opinion. That's disinformation. If he had presented it as "Some folks had told me this, but I don't know if its true or not" then it's more clearly simply a theory rather than confirmed truth. Thankfully Fuuma came in and cleared up the misconception.Why him doing this bothers me so much is...
pharoahe monch
I think I fit about the same. I'd say a TTS to non-slim size 50. 52 at times depending on the designer (54 for m.a.+). It might be slightly oversized which I think is fine for the style especially if you have the height. You probably could have gone down to a size 5. I think for shirts and blazers size 6 is pretty necessary. For knits and outerwear its more of a tossup. Sometimes size 5 is perfect for me and sometimes its a little on the tight side.
Which Luke's Locker? All locations? Looking for these shorts in size L: http://www.aloharag.com/eng/gyakusou-514956-fabric-mix-shots-print.html Aloharag's system claims to have one, but it's a lie as it claims sold out when you try and check out. Also a cap would be awesome too, but those seem insanely hard to find outside of tresbien
Lol at the people white knighting Moo without even reading/digesting what Shah's thumb's up comment was before condemning it as going too far! Or... Can't tell if his mock outrage is trolling so next level that his homies can't tell or this is some sort of next level forums flash mob trolling and they are all in it together.
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