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Yeah fuck m.a.+ retail. But I'm a cheap motherfucker. That black one is great. Any of the dense cotton ones are pretty nice. I also like that classic blue/green heavy jersey one too, perhaps the most.
That's a great color and piece. Not usually a huge fan of his leather tops besides some the more aviator-esque ones.
Yeah I don't mind the laces so much. I can replace those with non augusta ones that will do.. it's the eyelets that's more bothersome. I feel like even if I get someone legit to put them back in they are just going to pop out repeatedly.....CCP did mail me replacement hooks. I think 3 or 4 to fix the 1 so they did right by me. It only took 3 months or so and not the year+ I've heard it takes some!
Honestly, I find you somewhat annoying and pretty hyper-defensive as if you have a chip on your shoulder. I've read a lot of your posts on here and SZ and I don't feel you really, really know what you are talking about and that trend doesnt seem to be changing. At least not in the sense that I feel eckblk knows his shit.I guess you can go ahead and put all of your detractors in our places. I'm no fan of nahneun (After his crazy korean/asian chick comment where he...
Just waiting for kunk to chime in about how CCP quality is crap because of a broken zipper on his tornados and I think one other piece of CCP he owned. ;p My 2cents is quality does seem about the same. Both brands have stand outs, but both have issues. nicelynice's issues with his CCP derbies have made me hesitant to pick up a pair. Augusta is solid, but not perfect either. I'd love a pair of the classic oiled horse trainer (black/white sole with blue green laces) or the...
Yeah I take this brute force approach to "style" too (More like consumerism at least for me). I just buy anything I like and eventually I have enough of a pool that some things will have synergy with other things.
I know we are already well on our way to moving past, but I figured I'd chime in on the school/life thing even if no one cares because I'm an asshole that way. My 2cents is that if you are that badass then yes what stats you have, what school you go to and all those little pieces of paper that a lot of people seem to put a lot of stock in may not matter that much for you. But for the rest of us who acknowledge the possibility that potentially we aren't that badass, a...
Oh I thought I read they were size 42 which seemed perfect. Hrm I wasn't toooo blown away by the AW12 pics I saw. But I feel like Augusta is improving every season though there are some older more "classic" feeling shapes that you don't see anymore or they aren't really improving back towards, but I haven't seen any of those in the last few years anyway. I'm very curious when their jacketing will become too fascinating for me to pass up. Btw congrats on the high neck coat...
Oh eckblk, I picked up the augusta prototype derbies that were on sale at sz classifieds. Agh got them for a pretty crazy deal, but wish I had gotten those CD derbies instead ;p At some point I plan on emailing you and enlisting your skills when I have cash, but then I keep buying other things.
Laces and sole make me think Augusta. But toe shape does seem more guidi.
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