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my monitor can't even render the image of that blazer in its true color
Haha I feel like that's what pictures from SZ meetups from Paris Fashion week look like
have that schneider shirt its great
yeah pnp firenze is awesome
thanks gdi/tween and nmwa great fabric choices on that clover
Yeah I want the wool version of that suit bad.
He just kept making the dude redo the shoes until he was satisfied with the fit and how they looked all through a chain of assistants e.g. a game of telephone. He was compensated well for it but it sounds like it was a frustrating experience he never wanted to repeat again.
Worth trying but given that his sizing doesn't really correspond to a normal convention and how limited his production is not he may not have patterns for other sizes or an easy way to scale what he does have.
You know I feel the same, but I kinda started wanted them nevertheless after I saw the full shots. The design on the backpockets is really interesting to me... if they arent functionally retarded. Probably not 2.5k interesting, but that's japanese retail. Might be able to special order it from a euro retailer for something slightly more reasonable.Maybe it can be training for some aitor throup jeans.. which are probably about as expensive as I'm ever willing to consider.... Think you are after drawstring technology. I have some draw string linen muji pants that I like, but they were a spring/summer pant.
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