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Should hold on shipping anything to them. They haven't picked up the phone the last two days despite generally being open on those days. Might be on vacation. eckblk is investigating and im periodically calling them still.
Yeah this is the most appealing junya collection to me ever. patchwork has been perfected. the prints, stripped down/consistent palette. my favorite collection for the season i think
Yeah I thumbs based on the color without looking too closely, still bleary eyed *excuses* old shape definitely way better. i think the original shape is still the best
Yeah that was my feeling too. Maybe in low top form and at a deep discount it might be vaguely interesting. That striped suit is awesome it's like a dark-tinted version of summer.
Last fall's fabrics weren't nearly as thick as the season previous though Was a little disappointing. They were similar to the fabrics he used in spring fabrics this year. Will be interesting to see how this coming fall's goes. Since he uses deadstock fabrics maybe he used up some of his really good finds in earlier seasons :/ I'm hoping that's not the case though.AW12 fabrics were insane. The brown linen herringbone one is made from this really dense linen fabric that...
Fear the stretch washi. I welcome it's widespread use it sounds like. I really like that color block shirt thing with big grey squares
Yeah fuck that non-indestructible clothing. Kevlar for life.
Still, worth it for size 4/5ers since japanese retail/used for those sizes is unicorn-like. Then again I say that without being a YP browsing junkie so I don't really know. Probably already covered in the thread, but what do people think of his sneakers?
Best upland jacket ever from the best WWM collection ever I got the black/blue one too which is also nice.
I admire the owner for having the business savvy to get the consignment store to pay any money for it at all. I would have just thrown it out lol
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