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ya the french linen tent fabric is pretty great.
what does your fedora detector tell you?
eckblk and wormwood are the masters of finding carpe ;p docus as well for carpe clothing ;p
Can you list the fabric composition? I feel like it was mentioned at linen in one of the threads, but feel like it has to be cotton canvas or somesuch.
That is a lot of brain touching. You should set up milestones where after 100 brains you reward yourself with some new schneider pants, etc.
I hope when your neuro program starts you keep a running count of how many brains you've touched so far. I imagine you might have touched a few so far.
The ROTA Green wool/silk/linen trousers fabric sounds nice. Probably have to pass though :/ Schneiders pants never fit me.
mm heavy linen
wow i didnt know that he ever had a linen/ramie fabric, would love something in that mix.
yeah he didnt get in ramie my size and its only 20% ramie as opposed to the 40/60 60/40 he's used in the past. i got the grey 90/10 linen and the cotton/hemp, hope to one day score some ramie blend ones.
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