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calf warmers
That inspiration pic just shows that one day when all the MMM purchasing tapers off, you will have to MMM out your hair to the max.
Yup just went to ssense and sorted pants by highest to lowest in price to try to figure out what pants made from doll hair look like. Went from 795 -> 650+ dollar pants looking at thumb nails and name to see if one seemed doll hair-ish.Then did a google site:ssense.com doll hair for good measure. Then I read your post again and actually got it. *getting it fail *
Yeah they fucked me on some MMM blue pants too.. sent me same size MMM black coated denim. Was the first time yoox played me that way
And the collar looks like it might be longer/higher than normal.
What is that white jacket in the picture you posted uzairh? I mean I guess it has to be a fencing. Looks very different in that context.
re: vancouver peaceful restaurant for noodles
Pfft 1.5k. The heavily patched-work shorter jackets and blazers were clocking in at 2.5 - 3k at MAC.
It's called naked rap. Burgeoning underground movement. Response to the rap of never-nudes.
To be fair to that dude, who is definitely misguided and uninformed, his point wasn't to recover money but to like put pressure on TOJ's credit and to force them to reveal "information" It is unclear why he thinks either of those two things will for sure follow and have actual impact, but...
New Posts  All Forums: