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Man that's not what they told. They told me they were still waiting to hear ;p Sad times ;p
Huh the tones of blue is great. Any word on if the triple wool crepe will ever come back??
He's a 48.
oh man the derbies and the hemp blazer -- very nice pickups
it's actually a ring of the t-shirt
That is unbelievable eton, will keep my eye out as well :/ I hope you recover them or the perpetrator is punished somehow.
vitatimh's idea of two buttons 1 for pure thumbs, 1 for thumb comments seemed like it might have potential. I hope you guys explore that one
Based on the character, trains, locale and crotch touching -- I'd guess a Japanese one? ;p
Ooh that's a good idea. Might be too much UI clutter for most, but I also think after a time people will get used to the hassle of the most recent experience and engagement levels would return. People just react poorly to change even when its one they thought they wanted.
What about the thought that the thumb comments themselves are another perhaps richer form of engagement + data? I'm not sure I believe that myself, but just pondering.
New Posts  All Forums: