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That is a lot of brain touching. You should set up milestones where after 100 brains you reward yourself with some new schneider pants, etc.
I hope when your neuro program starts you keep a running count of how many brains you've touched so far. I imagine you might have touched a few so far.
The ROTA Green wool/silk/linen trousers fabric sounds nice. Probably have to pass though :/ Schneiders pants never fit me.
mm heavy linen
wow i didnt know that he ever had a linen/ramie fabric, would love something in that mix.
yeah he didnt get in ramie my size and its only 20% ramie as opposed to the 40/60 60/40 he's used in the past. i got the grey 90/10 linen and the cotton/hemp, hope to one day score some ramie blend ones.
On hide-m facebook: first IE shipment now available - grey linen pant (picture) - washed black cotton/linen pant - black cotton/hemp pant - black cotton/ramie pant - black cotton pant inquiry: holger@hide-m.com I think non-pants are available too
Who else is scooping up stuff from holger's IE drop? ;p
Definitely the best LUC jacket that they've ever put out that I've seen. Not that they are known for jackets vs knits, but yeah that one was the best.
Wow, interesting kindofyoung -- read the book as well didn't realize they made a series out of it. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the book or period shows, might still check it out.
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