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Thanks for the insole recommendations. Yeah I started trying to figure out how to select the right insole model on amazon.com but gave up promptly. Will run to an REI or something and try stuff.
Sold! Thanks guys.
What do you ballers use for insoles? Upon second wear I absolutely should get some for my Jun Hashimoto's. Probably half a size too large
Hrm Muji had a few when I stopped by. They were really light feeling especially the cardigans... no idea on stretch though.
Whoa nice IS shots. What the hell are those crazy green/black boots?
yeah he doesn't do any marketing, lookbooks, etc so it's tough to find pictures of his collections. that's further compounded by the buys people make (very black/grey). honestly... in prior ma+ ss season I've seen almost as much color in the same bright ss colors. it's just no retailers buy it.though i feel like the trend is changing. feel like the archive is starting to buy more color in their buys, etc.Edit: Oh yeah, got Jesse on the phone. FJ Western is operating once...
I'm fine with the chunkiness of m_moria. It has it's place. Does it justify the price? Probably not. I'm sure I'm more than slightly motivated by altieri hype, but I like all the models and would wear them. I think they'd go well with harnden.
Picked up 2 in the olive and 2 in blue at the local Muji. Thanks for the recommendation nicelynice. They had some buttondowns, blazers and non-draw string trousers in the same french linen, trousers come in a light grey that's basically a slightly offwhite, but they were like 250/150 retail respectively though 30% off. Almost went for the light grey trousers as well, but they were ~100 bucks on sale and the fit was more wide legged while the waist was a little tighter....
Yeah... I'm probably a 50/slim 52 now and XL is like super fitted on me these days. I think I'll go XXL next jacket I buy... Harnden can look nice oversized a bit so I'm sure XL can work for you. It's a crap shoot though.. one XL jacket I have the sleeves are super short compared to my other ones. Harnden is definitely one of those brands you generally want to try before you buy if you can help it. Measurements aren't always helpful since the lining may be more fitted than...
Oh I'd love to own m_moria some day. May be next year I'll actually save for a pair. Was going to shoot for it this year, but reports of some having their soles split in half along with mentions of poor qc from Faust on sz has kinda slowed my roll a little.
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