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Japan? Is it? I would have thought Korea. Small claims, even if you win, is pretty hard to collect domestically, don't see how it's going to be not-futile internationally. I guess you are probably a troll, but there you go.
Do you see him more as a stylist or a brand-builder? Or are those things the same your mind? I feel like nowadays consumer goods making multinationals benefit the most from a strong brand builder who can not only cater or develop a market but ensure that the brand stays relevant.My thinking on this is influenced by Zero History.
Yeah I could see it working very well with schneider as well.
Yeah dude. Secret agent Beneysd -- gonna scuba into your base and neuro surgery on your brain! Picked up this Frank Leder linen cardigan -- feel the design is more modern than most of his stuff, so interesting to me!
Shrug, I could be wrong. But the mac imo naturally fits very boxy -- for my size L long mac if I hold my arms out the torso literally forms a box which makes it oversized in the body even if the shoulders fit and given the style there's no real necessity for the shoulders to be fitted.Honestly I don't find that PH varies that much sizing wise for me within the same model -- I wear XL in long/classic/norfolk/pocket blazer/double breasted -- all my classics and pocket...
Hrmm wore my grey luc bread bags with the ccp. Some zam b black dna pants as well and heavy linen pants by him as well. Luc black cotton tent lining pants as well. And i think my IE canvas pants. Actually I remember this pretty well because it's always a struggle getting them underneath slim pant legs m.a+ i've only worn outside once... just showed up last friday. wore with some cropped vlas blomme linen pants. was overall a pretty awkward look... kinda just threw stuff...
I hope it was well lined ;p I'm supremely disappointed by my m.a.+ "cordovan" biker, but I think it was too early of an iteration before he had construction nailed.
I took a bunch of pictures on my unmade bed. Can spoiler or delete some if there are too many.
Sure. I just bought them used. I wish it was unreversed leather, but it was cheap.and I wanted white boots and tornadoes. It has some stains from heavy linen pants. I wouldn't say that they are that versatile... they are kind of a fashiony/statement boot. So it tends not to be something I reach for during the work week. Like half of my fits tend to be workwear/harndeny... which doesn't really fit the aesthetic. It's generally only when I go more goth-ninja/modern and...
Or was the green suit the conceptual 4est??? It's already defcom 4 between the two and we didn't even know.
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