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Also am garbage-kun. CCP goes into the debris piles same as everything else.
you should get that tie too regis!
Isn't the definition of sportswear just anything that isn't formal?
Add andrew dryden the creative director for hlorenzo to that list. I bought some pants from Andrew Dryden. If you want to get secondhand harnden... the facebook group has folks generally put up pieces for sale / wtbs etc.Mike and Andrew have turnover. Vassili is less interested in money but is interested in trades.I'd guess that you are either a size M or size L in modern harnden. The older stuff fits much larger. Nowadays on the more classic blazers sometimes XL is on the...
Np. On the subject of harnden Orphee is selling this piece on SZ (size S) -- never seen this design before but looks excellent. http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19456
Don't really have anything super good for you here. I think IF and L'ecl and maybe harveys generally have the best drops. Maxfields and dover street market are a couple tiers down. Then there are shops like Eastern Market etc I've never actually contacted.Stuff sells out too fast for you really to pick and choose too much unless you have a proxy on the ground and they can drop by when things drop to quickly txt you some pics and options for you to make a decision.This is...
How'd you finish em? I deep fried my burgers but have only made them once.
Even the pants?? ;p The pants are what separate those who have bathed in the koolaid versus the people who just appreciate a nice casual blazer ;p
Thanks for converting to Fahrenheit for us Americans ;p
wore the same pants and shirt today ;p
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