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yeah i think the jan jan is definitely strongggggg
I kind of hope that car actually is attached to the coat on the dummy, at the headlight region
"He shoots like this"
And will Asobu Long (or whoever is the most og of SF yohji proponents) be waiting in the crowd so if you tie M. Ivwri 10x to challenge you???
i think blacks pairs well with indigo, but maybe i'm just telling myself that.... i could see leather pants working too.
Does that mean the other 20% of the time top button is buttoned and tie is tightened as you are in some sort of powered-up "for serious" mode??
nice bergfabel jacket! fabric looks great
Why collect pieces that don't seem to particularly speak to you, which this piece does not seem like it does. Rarity for rarity's sake seems a little silly since it's not like that piece is going to at some point be so in demand that the appreciation in value will justify the space it takes up or the trade off cost in you keeping it and not putting money into something you are more into.
Yeah first reaction wasn't good either ;p Might be the incomplete picture, but feels top heavy since the implication is pants are fitted leather ones.
Yeah that's pretty much been why I keep avoiding SS pants. No matter how I size my thighs destroy the fabric over time His pant fabrics have not traditionally been the most robust. This collection definitely seems to address that to some degree... yay
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