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Agreed. Been wanting a pair of boots in bone for awhileeee just never seem to make the top of the priorities. Someday soon though I'm sure. But then I want blue, green and red boots too... and more grey ones. Sigh.
Wait, but your subsequent post implies that you'd go with damir, ann d, undercover, or rick owens, etc. at 50-70% discount over Zam's stuff at retail.... that doesn't seem like a fair or worthwhile comparison.Also rick owens quality is pretty mediocre in my experience with only a few exceptions per season... though I haven't handled the full range, but rick isn't exactly known for quality.
Dunno if this is a good deal or not, but this fabric seems insane (size 0 aka 44) from Individual Sentiments for $620
I think they do periodically because a bunch of stuff got removed I think over the weekend including stuff I picked up (E.g. guidi bag I got). My guess is they are going to update it once a week or so... but its definitely out of date. Got them on the phone for a second round and most of the items I asked about were gone.
Sweet just found 100 bucks in a jacket pocket, 0 recollection of where it came from. Today already is basically amazing.
Ah thanks. Great to know!
Here's a monochrome fit (sans derbies). Btw, low is a tie supposed to drop? I suppose I should just google this, but since this is menswear I thought I'd ask. Clearly I don't know anything about suits I only wear them to the occasional wedding.
I'm not at all sure you read what I wrote but I think your limited point of view is filling in the blanks for you. How handy and time saving
Hrm not valid for the monochrome challenge with black derbies so not posting it there, but I have a super matchy Jil Sander suit fit I wore to a wedding of two really good friends. Here's me gazing longingly into the distance. I don't actually know how to wear suits or ties so I'm sure the proportions are off, so feedback there would be great. Not really sure how low ties are supposed to drop laf.
Thanks notwithit! Yeah I'm fundamentally here for amusement and knowledge and not any sort of validation. If the posters stop posting posts that I really enjoy reading or I stop being interested in clothes (Happens periodically) I'd assuredly vanish. I've voraciously read 5-6 threads here since my join date and have a pretty good recollection so I am aware of the fit-quality/tastes/tenor of most who give me advice and that serves as the grains of salt I evaluate their...
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