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Fucking hate Netherlands post. Their main site tracking claims the package was delivered 2 weeks ago but in order to get more details (Like who signed for it) I had to use their international tracking. There they make you enter in your zipcode if you want to track packages they sent to the US. I entered in my zipcode and it says no parcel found. I try to contact customer service to figure out wtf -- and the disclaimer says basically they don't respond to inquiries from...
I personally don't see taking a strong stance with something like this -- though I do do it myself still, it's something I try to minimize. Just been too many times I've made fun of friends for something or shat all over something and then a month later I'm rocking it myself. And there's always a bit of feeling like an asshole afterwards ;p Not saying anyone is being that negative in this case, just illustrating the sharpness of my own 180 I think I went decades of...
Most of the post-carpe lines were pretty short-lived.
Haha I have those derbies. Haven't worn them yet or vibrammed yet -- the shade of grey isnt the easiest to pair imo but I do love them the leather is fantastic/color as well (in a stand alone sense).
Yuck. I'm the type of Asian who doesn't eat anything fresh water or from the sea except for rice or whatever they sneak into sauces or agar or whatever.
Ah that's interesting, thanks for elaborating. It's amazing how quickly an entire cuisine can vanish.
I guess I don't understand. I know there is the former USSR (contains ukraine and a lot of the spots you mentioned) and there is Russia. I assumed that what is Russia today contains parts of what has been called Russia throughout history which I'd think means that it has a long history outside of the USSR -- doesn't this mean that there should be like a traditional diet or traditional dishes? Or did they just absorb the food of their neighbors?
Is Odessa as oppressively cold as I envision Russia to be? If not then yeah I can see it being nicer -- but the Russia cold situation just sounds beyond brutal much like the heat in the Middle East. Hrmm yeah maybe I'll check out some of those spots. This Ukraine chick I know said the Red Door or something is good too. The whole concept of borscht is pretty unappealing to me though ;p and boiled foods.
Russia seems like a miserable and hellish place which largely explains some of the cultural tendencies ;p Read some NYTimes thing where some american russian dude locked himself in a hotel room and watched russian tv non stop for a period of time -- did not sound like enjoyable programming. Also the cuisine seems terrible too based on my experiences -- though perogies can be good.
Is that beneysd in 20 years?? I am lost without the context for thumbing from thumb comments. jk
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